October 2, 2022

British Control of Bases to be decreased

British AirbaseThe land in the British Bases that will be open to development will be handled in a uniform way as the rest of the land of the Republic of Cyprus and essentially will no longer be run by Britain, President Anastasiades stated in a meeting at the Presidential Palace, during which he announced the details of the agreement reached with London.

According to Politis newspaper, Mr. Anastasiades spoke to the political party leaders and representatives of the towns and communities that will be affected by this deal, stressing that there are specific stipulations in the deal that should answer worries that have been expressed that the British aim is to control part of the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone through the control of the Bases.

Some of the most important aspects of the agreement include increasing the powers exercised by the Republic of Cyprus in non-military land in the Bases, while clearing up that no one other than the Cypriot government can issue residency permits for the areas. The British also have further strengthened their commitment to never colonise the Bases, while it is clear that planning for the development will be a responsibility of the Republic of Cyprus. Finally, all political, electoral or other rights of the citizens living in the Bases will be regulated by the Republic.

According to Mr. Anastasiades the British will be relieved of their control of non-military areas, even though it has not yet been specified whether there’s going to be a downsizing of employees to save on costs. The implementation of the deal will be overseen by a joint committee which will meet for the first time on January 29th.

Source: lemonCY.eu

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