December 6, 2022

Chocolate Day for Tulips

By Margaret Sheard

We recently published an article about International Chocolate Day on Monday1 27th January and the way in which The Cacao and The Food Lodge would be helping to raise funds for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips).

Chocolate Day has been celebrated and gone and no doubt many people took the opportunity of “indulging”. We have now heard from Carole King and Sue Tilt with the results of this charity event, it did very well as you will see from their comment below:-

“Thanks to everyone wh3o came along, despite the weather, and supported us. The Cacao raised 1,025TL from the sale of chocolates on Chocolate Day, and thanks to the wonderful ladies from The Food Lodge who gave us scrumptious chocolate cake to sell, we raised an additional 571TL on the day, making a grand total of 1,596TL. Our special thanks go to Barbara Willbye for helping Sue in the evening to sell the cakes and chocolates in local bars and restaurants – Barb you are great……

Again we mu2st thank The Cacao and The Food Lodge for supporting this event for Tulips. We will be hoping that we can continue this event on an annual basis and get ourselves more organised for next year and raise loads more money for the Association.”

So, 1,596TL was raised for Tulips, well done everyone for their support and here’s to another Chocolate Day next year. Don’t forget though that there will be many more opportunities to give support and so help Tulips throughout the year.

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