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Trevor’s Tips – February 2014

By Trevor Hughes

Third Party Insurance

When taking out third party insurance, most people are not aware [because Dagli Sigorta logosome insurance companies do not inform their customers] of the terms and conditions in their third party cover. There may be a charge of up to 350TL if you are involved in a road traffic accident and you are the guilty party. This sum goes towards the repair of the innocent party’s repair bill.

Dagli Sigorta does not levy any charges on their customers holding only third party cover. In the TRNC third party policies do not cover your vehicle for fire and theft, unlike in the U K.

Computer Access Security

One of our readers suggested I circulate the following, which will go some way in avoiding financial fraud.

What is the difference between http and https?

The main difference between http:// and https:// is about keeping your computer secure. HTTP stands for “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol”. The S (big surprise) stands for “Secure.” If you visit a website or web page, and look at the address on the web browser, it will likely begin with the following: http:///. Computer securityThis means the website is talking to your browser using the regular “unsecured” language. In other words, it is possible for someone to “eavesdrop” on your computer’s conversation with the website. If you fill out a form on the website, someone might see the information you sent to that site.

This is why you should never, ever, enter your credit card number in an http website! But if the web address  begins however with https:// <; that basically means your computer is talking to the website in a secure code that no one can enter. If a website ever asks you to enter your credit card information, you should automatically look to see if the web address begins with https:// <;. If it doesn’t, you should NEVER enter sensitive information such as a credit card number, SS #, etc.

A Beginner’s Guide to Computers and how best to use them

Below are details of computer training undertaken by the much respected David Brown, of whom many have known for many a year. Training is undertaken at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, in which many of us feel more relaxed and subsequently learn much faster.

For many of us who now have time on our hands and need something to do that is meaningful and stimulating, using a computer can provide many hours of fun and interest.

Unfortunately computers can be a mystery and often do not produce the results expected. The reality is, however, that computers rarely go wrong and that most problems are Computer mousecaused by a lack of understanding and a poor knowledge of how to undertake the most simple of tasks.

Whilst there are many books written for the computer novice, there is no substitute for practical ‘hands-on’ tuition, at a pace that is comfortable for new users.

This course has been designed on the assumption that people have little or no knowledge of computers. It is also modular so you can simply choose those topics that are of real interest. Parts 1-4 are mandatory as they focus on those essentials that will allow you to use your computer in an effective manner. All the other modules can be taken on an ‘ad-hoc’ basis.

Since people’s capacity to learn varies, these courses are designed for a “one on one” approach or for a couple. There will only be a maximum of two course modules per week so that students do not have to cram too much knowledge into a short period of time. Each week attendees will be asked to complete a home exercise on their own computers to ensure they have understood what they have been taught. Notes will be provided for each module.

The course will be given by David Brown. In the UK, he had his own computer software business but prior to that undertook training for many UK and international Companies. David is not, however, a computer expert who uses technical jargon. He is a long time end-user and will be using that experience to communicate his knowledge into practical everyday solutions.

If you are interested in this course, contact David on 0533-8689652 or email him at


Over the last burglarcouple of weeks, villas in the Lapta area have suffered burglar thefts. Please be aware that this occurrence is on the increase here in the TRNC and residents/swallows should take all necessary steps to make their homes as secure as is possible. Some people here make the burglar’s job easier for them, even leaving villa keys in a kitchen cupboard with identification tags attached. This gives the burglar easy access through your front door, [for example] avoiding additional damage to your property when making their way out with your property.

Criminal Record Check [CRB]

Those of you who are either leaving the TRNC, or considering it, may wish to seek employment in the UK when they get there.TRNC Police badge

There are many employers in the UK who require a CRB check before employment commences. If you have been out of the UK for twelve months, or more, you will be off the CRB “radar” and subsequently unable to take up the post you have chosen. To overcome this [potential] problem, you can obtain a TRNC police check before you leave/apply. You will need to go to the main police station in a town nearest to where you live, taking with you two recent passport sized photographs of yourself, a copy of the photo page from your passport and postage stamps to the value of 21 TL. You can collect your report the following day, if you wish, but do stress that you need your report to be written in English.

Free Health Checks for Dagli Sigorta Customers

It is unfortunate the Kolan Hospital has withdrawn the free Dagli Sigorta Cardiac health checks, as it became very popular, but saying this, the 15% discount on all their services still remains for all Dagli Sigorta customers

Now for the good news! Dagli Sigorta have successfully secured a free ECG examination, free Cholesterol testing, blood sugar and blood fats testing, free blood pressure testing and a free doctor consultation, on a once a year basis for all their customers. This new facility is from the Kamiloglu Hastanesi, Kyrenia Medical Centre, which is located in Girne, close to the HSBC bank in Girne. For your appointment, queries or anything else related to mKamiloglu Hastanesi logoedical matters telephone 0533 824 2999, the person who will answer speaks excellent English. Because the hospital is located in Girne, it is far more convenient for many, than having to travel all the way to Lefkosa for the same tests and consultations.

My wife and I recently had some blood tests done at one of the other hospitals and asked the Medical Centre to give me a price comparison, based on a submitted invoice. Their charge was over 50% cheaper than the first test, even though our first test was reduced by the 15% discount.

Their facilities are of an excellent standard and are able to undertake the majority of medical procedures, the exception being an Oncology Department. They have English speaking staff and doctors and have a full GP consultation facility. GP consultation is only 80 TL and any further doctor[s] consultation [s] relating to the same medical matter is free of charge. They are more than willing to work with Dagli Sigorta and in conjunction with them, will be offering special discounted health promotions throughout the year.

I have compared several like for like prices charged by other hospitals offering the same service as the Kyrenia Medical Centre and found their prices much, much lower. Very important if you are on a limited budget!

All current Dagli Sigorta customers will be contacted regarding this facility and will be issued with a membership card, which allows them to take advantage of this excellent arrangement.

Editors note: The opinions, thoughts, postulations or proposals within the articles (news etc.) are but reflections of the author and do not, in any way, represent those of

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