August 17, 2022

GAE announce “2014

Expectation Report” to the


Problem In TRNC must be solved – “The Cyprus Problem”

According to the survey results gathered by the GAU – Girne Research Institute the most significant expectation from the coalition government is to “solve the Cyprus problem” but nevertheless from that survey participants do not believe that there will be any 1settlement in 2014.

The most reliable institutions are “Military” whereas only 1 person out of 486 considers the “Political Parties“ as reliable.

The results of the survey of GAE, which was established in December 2013, have been announced to the public via Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce. Following the opening speech of GAU CEO and Vice-Chancellor of Board of Administrators – Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi, GAE Administrators – Erhan Vechi, Erhan Özkan and Zafer Ağdelen announced the survey methodology, sampling and the results.

Vehbi: “There is excessive violation of human rights in the TRNC”

Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Vehbi explained further 2in his speech about the aim and goals of the initial establishment of GAE with regard to communal responsibility.

Vehbi underlined that the main aim of the establishment of the institute in December 2013 was to contribute to the resolution of the problems faced by the Turkish Cypriot people and the TRNC as well as conducting research, holding conferences, producing documentaries and sharing these with the public in order to reproduce new thoughts which will aid for a much better democratic mechanism to inherit sound results.

There is excessive violation of human rights in the TRNC and these must be further expressed, Vehbi stated; variations of ideas must be accumulated and a dialogue platform should be formed, he added. Vehbi further stressed that they aim to take a common step forward with non-governmental organizations and the State to generate much more efficient results.

Main Principles of GAE

Asım Vehbi 5stated that GAE is planning to prepare reports and share the results gathered from surveys with the public and deliver different ideas to the community through organized conferences and panels.

Vehbi stated the main principles of GAE as follows:-

“To provide support on enhancing the prosperity and happiness of Turkish Cypriot people and reinforce world peace through a perception of world order that accepts humanity development as a whole, to support the organization of communal structure and international order upon principles of global human rights, freedom, peace, justice, rule of law and equal oppo6rtunities, to undertake affairs on communal, regional and international problems; producing resolutions to the problems encountered by the Turkish Cypriot people and acknowledging the public, to deliver resolution formulas to the public through acknowledgment of political, economic and social affairs, to influence on academic research and political decisions and enhance the effectiveness of the political decisions, avoiding the clashes of differences; combining distinct perceptions in accordance with scientific standards and distant from partisan concerns and act as a platform for dialogue.”

The most significant problem is the Cyprus Problem – 32.4%

The 2014 Expectations Survey was held on 14th and 15th December 2013 in 5 cities by 29 pollsters in accordance with the samples and was completed by 486 TRNC citizens. The survey covered the 3 main problems and the results were;

32.4% – Cyprus Problem.
20.8% – Unemployment
11.3% – Health and Social Security.

The most significant expectation from the coalition government is the settlement of4 the Cyprus problem by 26.7%, solving the unemployment problem by 26.7% and the implementation of the economic protocol by 12%.


The expectation on a possible settlement of the Cyprus problem in the year 2014 was NO by 78.3%, YES by 15.3% and the question in regard to the responsible person for no settlement in Cyprus was answered as 52.4% – the Cypriot Greeks, 18.3% – Turkey, 15.1% USA, and 6.4% the Turkish Cypriot side.

“Do you believe that the gas and petrol found in the Mediterranean will contribute for a possible Cyprus settlement?”

56.7% – NO,  33.5% – YES.

“Do you believe that the water to be brought from Turkey to Cyprus will contribute for a settlement?”

53.9% – YES,  41.3% – NO.

No Trust on Political Parties

“The most reliable institution according to the survey was the armed forces”; Military by 35.1%. Subsequent to the Military was Police by 16.6%, Courts by 11.7% and only 1% for the political parties. The ratio for “other”- referring to none was 15.1%.

“What most affects the sustainability of the government in power?”

Turkey – 40.4%, the works and the practices – 33.3% and the implementation of the protocol assigned with the TR – 19%.

“Your thoughts on previous elections”

I have voted but I am not satisfied – 44%, I have voted and I am satisfied – 38% and I have not voted and I am glad that I haven’t voted – 14.9%.

“Do you believe that you will have a rise in your income?”

68.6% – NO and 17% – YES

“Do you believe that the economic protocol that was signed amongst TR and TRNC must be revised?”

48.9% – YES and 19.9% – NO.

The random sampling based survey was participated by people over 55 – 27%, ages 45-54 – 23%, ages 35-44 – 24%, ages 25-34 – 18% and ages 18-24 – only 8%.

The education level of the participants was scaled respectively: 41% Primary School, 33% High School, 20% University, 1% Post Graduate and 5% with no educational graduation.  50.41% were employed while 49.59% were unemployed.

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