December 10, 2022

Yorgancıoğlu: We will not hand over

Escape beach 

Escape beach

After reports in the media over the weekend that the government of Northern Cyprus had given the Escape beach in Alsancak to the Turkish Altınbaş Holding, prime minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu said that the beach would not be handed over.

According to the Yenidüzen newspaper, Yorgancıoğlu made this remark during the general assembly of the parliament. “The company in question should not negotiate with the current lease-holders. We will not put the issue on the agenda of the council of ministers. We will not hand that place over,” said Yorgancıoğlu.

Escape beach, also known as ‘Çıkarma Plajı’, is where Turkey first landed its troops during the peace intervention in 1974.

Separately, İbrahim Benter, director of the administration of foundations, today made a written statement denying that he said the beach has been given to the Altınbaş Holding. Benter stated that the beach is still under the operation of the current lease-holder. “There has been no hand-over as of today,” said Benter.   He added that Vakkas Altınbaş and other persons and companies have applied to the administration of foundations to take over the beach but stated that the issue has not been discussed by the administrations board of directors.


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