December 9, 2022

TRNC News Today 21st January



Foreign Minister Özdil Nami has indicated that the pessimistic and negative atmosphere that is being created regarding the Cyprus issue will change in the coming days. The Foreign Minister took part in a program broadcast on BRT and made evaluations regarding the Cyprus Ozdil Nami 3problem.

Referring to articles that have been reflected in the press that the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser for Cyprus – Alexander Downer is leaving his duty, Mr Nami said that the meetings the Australian diplomat is holding with the two leaders’ representatives on the island is a great indication that the process is still continuing.

The Foreign Minister also touched upon the briefing that will be given by the Australian diplomat to the UN Security Council by saying ‘what Mr Downer says during the briefing is very important with regard to the future of the talks’.

Mr Nami also denied claims that problems exist between the Foreign Ministry and the Presidency and said ‘we are working in full harmony with the President’.


CTP-BG Secretary General – Kutlay Erk stated that Turkish Cypriots have two seats in the European Parliament and these seats Kutlay Erkare under invasion and occupation by the Greek Cypriots.

Erk said ‘The European Union should take initiatives and find a solution for the Turkish Cypriots’ having these seats. EP seats of the Turkish Cypriots should be represented by their own representatives elected by their own elections. We demand from the EU to find a solution for this issue. Turkish Cypriots should be represented at observer status in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Other kinds of solutions are against the Cyprus Republic Constitution’.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

1 thought on “North Cyprus – TRNC News Today 21st January 2014 – Turkish Cypriot seats at European Parliament taken by Greek Cypriots

  1. Had this man CTP-BG Secretary General Kutlay Erk, checked the rules of the European Unions then he should not be making stupid comments regarding the EP seats.
    1. Under the 1960 Cyprus Constitution article 63 does not apply for the EP elections in May.
    2. Had this man does his research he would know that 6 seats allocated to Cyprus does not mean that 4/2 allocation of Greek/Turkish Cypriots and that the elections of the 6 seats can be participate by any E.U National living in Cyprus, and there for can vote and stand in the elections in the same way as the law allows for local national.
    3.Had this man done his research then he would know that even though they are elected via their parties in Cyprus the 6 winning Candidates would have to choose option A) to affiliate with one of the 13 Parties in the EU parliament as representatives under their party name is not permitted.
    4.E.U does not allow candidates to stand or be elected under ethnic titles.
    5.As he states incorrectly T-Cypriots are not allocated 2 seats and Greek Cypriot 4 seats, a total of 6 seats is allocated to Cyprus as a Country of the E.U and Turkish Cypriots by using their right to vote, can in fact have from 0-6 seats in the European parliament, but being realistic that any E.U national living in Cyprus can stand in the elections of EP or Municipality.

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