November 26, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

TFR Bowling Cup of the Nations

January 2014

By Ralph Kratzer

P1010483The first bowling tournament in the new year was the best-attended since the launch of the event in March 2013.

34 players had signed up and some visitors also came to the King ‘s Pin Leisure Centre in Girne on Wednesday, 15th January 2014.

The organizer of the competition, “Brad” Bradley, assembled 7 different teams.

For the first time we also had a Russian team. The other teams were the UK, Germany, Sweden and the multinational squads TRNC1, TRNC2 and KKTC.

A head-to-head race between the teams Germany and TRNC1 was decided after 2 gamesP1010487with 10 frames each, in favour of the mixed nations team TRNC1. But it has to be said that this squad had with Pam, a new member of the Foreign Residents, an experienced competition bowler among its players.

It is an amazing thing at this tournament that, from the absolute beginner to the “professional”, everyone can participate and all players have lots of fun together.

As always Brad worked out the results at the end of the sports activities, which were awaited with tension by all participants.

The results of the teams were:

P1010502Rank 1 – TRNC1 with 932 points

Rank 2 – Germany with 897 points

Rank 3 – KKTC with 821 points

Highest score for the ladies:

Rank 1 – Pam (274) / rank 2 – Sonja (216) / rank 3 – Galina and Diane (201 each)

Placement for the gentlemen:

Rank 1 – Brad (262) / rank 2 – Horst (257) / rank 3 – Ken (256)

I think all the participants are looking forward to the next competition in February.

To view a picture slideshow of the event – please click here!

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