December 9, 2022

Flooding in Kyrenia, North Cyprus

The heavy rain in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus, led to flooding in many houses and workplaces. The basement of many apartments were completely filled with rainwater while many cars got stuck on the roads.

According to the news report in Havadis newspaper, Kyrenia Mayor Sümer Aygın told the media that there was a total of 62 kilograms of precipitation per meter square in Kyrenia between 14:00 and 16:00 on Tuesday. Aygin underlined that this amount is about 66 per cent of the average precipitation in January.

Aygın stated that the flooding was mainly due to the buildings and walls built in riverbeds and called on the Government to urgently build embankments on the four main rivers in Kyrenia to prevent flooding.


2 thoughts on “Flooding in Kyrenia – North Cyprus

  1. The Beledere should loby the Baskbakan and insisting on being more involved in planning approvals and be part of the team doing the Impact Analysis for all the Girni Municipality development projects. River beds would not have been allowed to be restricted had Impact Analysis been properly conducted.

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