December 2, 2022

The Çatalköy Car Clinic piper


By Mary Day

Glyn Morgan owner of The Car Clinic, Çatalköy delighted all with the wonderful sound Glyn the Piperof Bagpipes on New Year’s Mary Day smlEve. Glyn in full dress blew away the old year to make way for the new at Whiskey Joes, Girne.

We already know that one of Glyn’s talents is singing but yet another talent was displayed with the Traditional sound of Bagpipes echoing around Girne for New Years Eve, is there no end to the talent this man displays?

Glyn will also be helping us with tips on simple car maintenance once a month that we can all do for ourselves to help maintain our vehicles, look out for them in  under Car Clinic Tips that I will bring to you very soon.

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