December 9, 2022

Support from GAU Group of

Schools to Yeşilirmak 

First step for “10 thousand Students – 10 thousand Plants, we are each a forest”

A tree planting event was held as a result of the mobilization decision following the Yeşilırmak fire disaster which caused deep sorrow throughout the island. The university will provide the use of all possible 1facilities in order to restore the natural loss of the region through the slogan of “10 thousand students – 10 thousand plants, we are each a forest”

The GAU Board of Administrators have announced the new Academic Year of 2013/2014 as the year of environment and nature, through the support of all official offices.

Over 1,000 trees were planted during the tree planting event which was held with the participation of the schools under the GAU Group of Schools through the Chair of GAU Vice-Chancellor of the Board of Administrators and Chair of GAU Group of Schools – Cemile Esenyel. The trees were brought to the planting area wth the support of TRNC Forest Department Director – Cemal Kozanoğlu and a planting zone was allocated to the students.

“GAU Environment and Nature Research Centre is established”

The GAU Environment and Nature Research Centre, commencing its duties with the new academic year, will 2contribute to nature, sea and protection of varieties of land biological elements and also conduct relevant researches with regard to environmental problems through scientific and application based researches, developing techniques to solve the problems and preparing solution orientated projects with public and private institutions.

Girne American University will participate in the phase of restoring the natural character of Yeşilırmak through the slogan of “10 thousand students 10 thousand plants, we are each a forest” providing all of the required opportunities in order to re-plant and restore the region of the Yeşilırmak environmental disaster.

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