December 8, 2022

“Oil and Natural Gas belong to the

whole of Cyprus”

Oil platformThe Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız stated that oil and natural gas found anywhere in Cyprus belong to the whole of Cyprus.

According to the news report in Havadis, Yıldız, in response to a question on oil and natural gas explorations of in the Mediterranean during a briefing with journalists, said that from time to time, the southern part of Cyprus and Greece make politically constructive and positive statements on the issue. He added that Turkey supports such statements. The minister underlined that natural gas and oil constitute a motive for peace. Yıldız continued as follows:

“I believe that there will be such a development in 2014. I have to say that in 2014, our first choice will be to avoid controversial issues both in technical and political terms. However, this requires a mutual respect. The Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa seismic exploration ship is in the Mediterranean at the moment as is carrying out explorations in an area that is not controversial. A structure should be set up so that the gas in the Mediterranean, be it in Israel, or be it in the Greek Cypriot side, can belong to the whole of Cyprus. We have a consistent approach. We are saying that the oil and natural gas found anywhere in Cyprus belongs to the whole of Cyprus just like we say the oil found anywhere in Iraq belongs to the whole of Iraq. In 2014, we have to attain this constructive position.”


2 thoughts on “Turkey: Oil and Natural Gas belong to the whole of Cyprus

  1. You can see in the history way back when Scotland and England were at war, a problem like oil
    between a small island would have been a major problem, but both the south and the north need the revenue from this. And a 50%50 split would be ideal, and then both can decide where
    there revenue will go.
    But I bet North and South will use the money to help there people, with no look to profit’s To others.
    Flora Dempster

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