December 10, 2022

South Cyprus a site of possible

Social Unrest

Social UnrestSouth Cyprus is considered a site for possible social unrest and protests due to the economic crisis and the lack of trust in the political system, according to Economist magazine.

The Economist has included Portugal, Spain, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Ethiopia and Ukraine in the same group of “high risk”.

According to the Economist, the danger is higher in Greece, Argentina, Egypt, Venezuela, Syria, Bangladesh and Lebanon, who all belong in the “very high risk” group. Countries such as Ireland and Italy meanwhile are considered medium risk.

According to Laza Kekic, who is one of the analysts working for the Economist Intelligence Unit, that has issued the list, explained that even though economic hardship is a prerequisite for social unrest, it is not enough to cause protests and clashes by itself. Equally valid reasons for upheaval are economic inequality, bad governance, an ineffective social state, ethnic tensions and the lack of trust in governments and institutions.


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