Northern Cyprus – TRNC News Today 2nd January 2014 – Cyprus, ELAM is Black Mark of Fascism

TRNC News Today 2nd January 2014


It was reported that ‘National Popular Front’ (ELAM) was a great black mark of fascism in South Cyprus. Fascism which is in the stage of re-organization in Europe is known as ‘ELAM’ and ‘Hrisi Avgi’ in  South Cyprus.

Under the headline ‘Great Black Mark of Fascism in Cyprus’, Greek ELAMCypriot daily Fileleftheros noted that since 2008, ELAM has started to systematically intervene in schools in South Cyprus.

According to Fileleftheros, ELAM members frightened the students and teachers in the schools, wrote fascist words on the walls of almost all schools and showed themselves on national holidays with their student organizations by distributing brochures.

Fileleftheros also noted that Fascism spread among the university students and it was thought that there was economic relations between ELAM and the Orthodox Church.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office