A Christmas peace message from Cyprus?

By Chris Elliott

At Christmas and also the New Year all around the world we have become accustomed to world leaders, politicians and religious leaders and other influential people calling for renewed efforts to create a world full of peace and tranquility and help those who are in need.

Archbishop Chrystostomos - Picture Cyprus Mail
Archbishop Chrystostomos – Picture Cyprus Mail

In the Republic of Cyprus it is reported by Cyprus Mail that Archbishop Chrysostomos in giving his Christmas message asked the people of Cyprus to support those in need, and each other so they can “welcome Christ in our heart, thus proving ourselves worthy of God’s love”.

When commenting on the financial crisis, he was reported as saying it was not the island’s biggest problem. Chrysostomos accused Turkey of wanting to take over Cyprus while he also accused refugees who appealed to the north’s Immovable Property Commission of “selling out” and “guilty of high treason”.

He was also reported to have said, “We need to regroup. We need to heed the voices of our ancestors. As a nation we have been through a lot and we have survived. Not only did we survive but we thrived throughout the ages. Our heroic actions shocked the world. With such a history behind us, we aren’t allowed to give up and abandon the fight.”

The world is watching and waiting for both sides of the Cyprus dispute to come together after 50 wasted years and to finally resolve the problem but we must wait and see if the will to do this is there. To read a full acount of this artcile please click on the link below.

Archbishop: Turkey, not financial crisis, our biggest problem | Cyprus Mail.