August 19, 2022

Royal British Legion, Kyrenia


Welfare Case Workers

By Margaret Sheard

We have received a request from the Royal British Legion (RBL) Kyrenia Branch for people who would be willing and able to assist others by way of the role of an RBL Welfare Case Worker to help British ex-service people and their families. There are many ex-service personnel on the Island who maybe live on their own or perhaps have recently lost a loved-one or maybe are just lonely and would like to RBLhave someone to talk to. There are also those who may need some advice on a particular subject, either service related or maybe require financial help.

This is where the RBL come into their own with their team of Welfare Case Workers but they need to increase their numbers and are asking for volunteers, who feel they could contribute, to join the team.

So, if you are calm, level-headed with a deal of common sense and a sympathetic ear, the RBL need your help as a welfare case-worker. All case-workers undertake a 2 day training course from qualified UK based Legion staff, and when visiting clients, always work in pairs. The job is not onerous and the more volunteers, the more versatile the RBL can be.

This is your chance to put something worthwhile back into the community by offering your help.

If you are interested, and are currently an RBL member, then please send your details to Sheila Mawhinney at: and she will get back to you.

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