August 9, 2022

VOX POP tête-à-tête

By Engin Dervişağa

This week’s Vox Pop programme will be shown on Sunday the 22nd December at 10.30am but due to live transmission of the TRNC Parliamentary budget meetings on Wednesday the 18th December, sadly my previous show “Vox Pop” cannot be shown.

For this show I met the Kibris Liners, dance group at the Club SimenaChrissie Oktetin sml Hotel in Karşıyaka, where I talked to Chrissie Oktekin, Maria Chappell, Elaine Perry and Liz Simpson about their love of line dancing.

They have danced in many festivals including the Olive, and Strawberry Festivals in aid of the Cancer Research Foundation (KAV)  and they have 15-20 dance members and some of the money raised by this group also goes to the Karakum Special Needs school after expenses.

So do tune in to watch this show on Sunday at 10.30am and you may see the girls strutting their stuff for Vox Pop on BRT 2 Television.

For Radio Lovers do also tune in and join me on BRT Radio on Saturday  at 19.00pm for my programme Top Twenty which is compiled by DJ Bora and this show is repeated on Sunday at 15.00pm . We are transmitting this on 6.150 MH/z. Short-wave, 87.8 and 105 FM Stereo. You can also tune in to live streaming of this radio show on your PC by clicking here.

To go direct to BRT 2 TV to watch these shows by live streaming on your PC at Cyprus local time click here and if you want to learn more of Bayrak Radio and Television  click here

Kibris Liners in Action

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