August 19, 2022

Paul Darlington Memorial Darts


By Margaret Sheard

We recently advised our readers about an event being held in memory of Paul Darlington who lost his life 20 years ago, at the age of 16, in a road traffic accident. Paul was the nephew of John Swayne and to commemorate his memory, John and his wife Maureen have for the last 2 years organised a Darts Competition, donating the Tulips logo englishproceeds to Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) in Paul’s memory.

The event was held this year at Jessics Bar in Lapta and thanks are given to Mustafa for all his hard work and it was another outstanding success. . For this Carole & Sue of Tulips are eternally grateful and the Association cannot thank John and Maureen enough for all their hard work in organising the event, finding sponsors and prizes for the raffle. They work tirelessly without expecting any thanks and Tulips cannot thank them enough and praise them for their enthusiasm and charitable spirit.

Below is the information relating to the event:

The sponsors for the event were as follows and Carole and Sue from Tulips would like to thank them for their generosity and support:

Bilkar Construction
Canadian Import
FTC Tourism
Gümfa Ltd
Ileli Supermarket
Kensington Developments
Lapta Beledeyesi
Savyon Village
University of Karpisa

The final amounPaul Darlington Darts Competitiont raised at this event was an amazing 5,310.25TL – this amount includes sponsorship money, entrance fees (49 entered), 5TL per meal sold (amounting to 235TL), the raffle, further donations on the day and lastly, but by no means least, John Swayne’s winning money of 500TL which he donated back to Tulips – wonderful.

For information and comparison, last year’s competition, which John and Maureen organised in March 2013, raised 3,240TL, so this year they raised over 2,000TL extra – fantastic.

The winners of the Darts Competition were as follows:

Winner John Swayne 500tl + trophy
Second Erdinc Canbolat 300tl + trophy
Third Elmas Cocuk 100tl + trophy
Highest Checkout Selcuk Ulasti 50tl + trophy
Best Lady Player Debbie Brodie 100tl + trophy

Lastly, Tulips would like to say a huge thank you to 5 members of the KKDF (Darts Federation) who collectively purchased and donated a new wheelchair for KHYD/HTWCA/Tulips. The presentation of this wheelchair on the day was a complete surprise to Tulips who were astounded at the generosity of these people, who are listed as follows:

Hasan Avsanlı
Akın Aşıkcan
Osman Sunısoğlu
Halil Kara
Cem Kara

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