August 15, 2022

A Schoolboy’s Day Out with


By Margaret Sheard

It is so refreshing to know that children all over the island are gaining knowledge in all manner of skills which will develop them into caring and sensitive adults and we give below an account of one such event when Josh Seear, a pupil at the English School of Kyrenia, joined CESV for a day.

CESV have sent us the following story about Josh’s account of his experiences to his fellow pupils.

Question : How do you get 200 children to sit quietly and pay attention to every word in a school assembly?

Answer : Ask Josh Seear to give a presentation about his day out with the members of the CESV!

1.200 children, 12 teachers and 5 members of the CESV who were present at the English School of Kyrenia had an unusual guest speaker at their lunchtime assembly. At 10 years old Josh Seear is the youngest member of the CESV and is also a pupil at ESK. He took to the floor to give a presentation about his recent adventures at Girne Castle with the CESV and members of the Sivil Savunma.

He was introduced by Rita Heath who gave the children (4.and adults) a bit of background as to why Josh had been given the day off school. After she had explained that, as part of his ongoing First Aid Training, he had been receiving training in abseiling and had been lowered to the ground from the high walls of the Castle, she asked how many of the children would like to have a chance to give this a go. Needless to say there was a good show of hands and some very excited faces!

With the aid of his notes and video footage Josh explained to all present about being unable to abseil due to safety factors but that he had been given the chance to be lowered to the ground while roped onto a stretcher. Once the footage was being shown of Josh going over the wall there was an accompanying chorus of “Oohs” and “Aahs” from his spellbound a5.udience.

Then a short talk was given by Steve Collard, Head of CESV, about the training supplied by the CESV. He told the children present about the training currently being given during the after school club at ESK. Once again there was great interest in joining their numbers. After Steve had finished his talk Josh asked if anyone had any questions. Many hands were raised and Josh fielded the questions like a true professional. He was also very honest as he admitted that, yes, he was scared when one of the pupils askCESV smled if he had felt afraid. When asked if he enjoyed his experience he replied “Yes, it was really fun!”. He explained to the class that he wasn’t actually injured but it was just for training purposes. Then it was the turn of Ms Heath to ask a question of Josh, she asked “Would you rather abseil again or give another talk in assembly?” After much thought Josh replied “I think I’d like to do both!” After a terrific round of applause for a very brave young man the assembly was rounded off with an action packed song, which it has to be said, was much enjoyed by Mr Collard!

I expect Josh was feeling a bit apprehensive as he was lowered over the Castle wall, but what a brave and daring thing to do for a 10 year old. He is a credit to his parents and the school and will probably go on to be a very active member of CESV in later years.

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