November 30, 2023

Citizens Advice Cyprus help the


By Margaret Sheard

It is so nice to hear about people who help others and especially when there is a success CAC logostory and we have been told of a great success by the Citizens Advice Cyprus team who have been able to bring Zimmer Frames to North Cyprus which will give disabled people equipment which will make life easier for them.

This is the fantastic success story from Citizens Advice Cyprus.

Those of you that follow our activities closely will already know of our involvement with the disabled community here in North Cyprus. During our travels we observed that some people’s disabilities did not require a wheelchair but just a little leaning support. Such a simple device can give someone a new lease of life by providing aid in walking, hence giving independence. In response to one of our Help for the disabledrecent write-ups, Chris Arif, of Citizens Advice Cyprus immediately started to collect Zimmer Frames in the UK to be sent over to North Cyprus to help our campaign to support the Disabled in our community.

We were overwhelmed to discover the amount of support and new friends we made along the way in order to have the Zimmer Frames delivered to our offices in Bellapais.

They were delivered by Chris Arif, to Dolphin Removers in Enfield , Middlesex in England where the team there offered us free transport for the frames.

Once arriving in North Cyprus it would be a lie to say that we did not experience some difficulties at Customs to get the Zimmer frames Pembe Ibrahim and Orkun Bozkurtcleared and onto the island.

We were then put in touch with the President of the Cyprus Turkish Orthopedic Disability Association, Mr Orkun Bozkurt, who kindly offered his services and stepped in to help to arrange the paperwork for the frames through his Association.

Thank you to everyone involved but a few special thank-you’s are in order:

A massive thank you to Chris Arif for collecting the frames and sending them to us and to Sue Arif for storing them in her home. A huge thank you to Dolphin Movers and Latifoglulari for waiving their feeKibris Turk Ortopediks, but a special thank you goes to Onder Secil the Manager of Dolphin Removers Kyrenia Branch, for all his help and assistance in the transportation of the goods. Last but not least a big thank you goes to Orkun Bozkurt, the President of the Cyprus Turkish Orthopedic Disability Association, and all his staff for their assistance in the arranging the release of the frames.

15 of the Zimmer frames were immediately donated to the Cyprus Turkish Orthopedic Disability Association and the remaining frames are ready to be distributed to those in need in our community.

“You Go Citizens Advice Cyprus” Another job well done!!!!

What a refreshing story, it does make you realise that there are so many people who will do all they can to help those less fortunate. We already know of numerous people on the island who work tirelessly to support the various charities here and this is yet another example of people who do so much good for the benefit of others.

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