August 9, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

Ten-Pin Bowling Tournament –

November 2013

By Margaret Sheard
Photos by Ralph Kratzer

Time flies when you are having fun, so the saying goes, and suddenly it was time for the TFR monthlBowling Tournamenty ten-pin bowling tournament again, and it is a lot of fun which is shared with different nationalities who like the opportunity to mix with other expatriates for a few hours enjoyment at the King’s Leisure Centre.

There were a few new faces this time and some who didn’t make it so Brad had to quickly re-form the teams and Chris and I separated to join the two UK teams. We were 4 teams in all, 2 for the UK, 1 for Germany and 1 for Sweden.

I really let our team down in the first game, I couldn’t find the right weight bowl with large finger-holes which was probably the reason I was absolute The winners - UK2rubbish. I later found the bowl of my liking so I improved a bit in the second game. Oh dear – must try harder. I noticed in the next lane that the other England team were doing very well, Chris included, and they did go on to win this tournament.

After the game we assembled in the cafeteria area and Brad worked out the scores, which were:-

1st – UK(2) with a score of 893
2nd – Germany with a score of 676
3rd – Sweden with a score of 624
4th – UK(3) with a score of 602

Highest scores for the ladiesBrad in action

1st – Margareta with 194
Joint 2nd – Ingrid and Kath with 180
3rd – Barbara with 122

Highest scores for the men

1st – Brad with 244
2nd – Horst with 235
3rd – Ralph with 228

Brad decided to have a bit of fun and presented an ornamental plate to the Swedish team as, very unusually, they had a very bad performance this time and also a plate to Horst for Germany which his friend Monika accepted on his behalf.

Monika accepts a plate for Germany, Ralph (left) and Horst (right)

The Swedish team with a consolation plate, Ingrid with baby Pearl and Lena

As we are nearing the Festive Season it was decided to arrange the next bowling tournament for Wednesday 18th December, same time, same place.

To see more pictures have a look at the slideshow below:

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