November 26, 2022

TRNC – UDI 30 years on

By Chris Elliott

With the world watching, both North Cyprus and Turkey have been reaching out the hand of peace and making past offers of water supply from the new pipeline, which is near completion, from Turkey and words of encouragement to the Republic of Cyprus administration to agree a date to meet under the auspices of the UN and negotiate a peaceful, harmonious and equal sharing settlement to the 50-year-old Cyprus issue.

During this period with no advances being made, 30 years ago the Turkish Cypriots not wishing to live in a political vacuum any longer and ignored by the rest of the world, TRNC Flag declared the formation of the State of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and slowly but surely it has been developing into a country worthy of admiration for its achievements considering the difficulties placed in its way and broken promises of help and support. Surely there is still much to be achieved but it is onwards and upwards in North Cyprus.

In the past few days we have seen great celebrations here of 30 years of progress and people can truly be proud of the achievements of their country.

So now we wait with bated breath to see if a mutual date for the meeting will be agreed without preconditions being insisted upon by the Republic of Cyprus. Seeing the reactions by the young generations in South Cyprus to the celebrations in the North it makes you wonder whether the face of moderation and harmony will ever visit this island again.

To see news of events from Cyprus published in the Cyprus Mail, please click on this link below:

 UDI 30 years on | Cyprus Mail.

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