March 31, 2023

Tony’s Tandem Paraglide for Tulips

We have received the following brilliant news from Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) of the fantastic amount raised for the charity by Tony Woods who did a tandem paraglide to help this charity.Tulips logo english

“Retired Head Teacher, Tony Woods, aged 72, who bravely made a sponsored tandem paraglide flight in October, has handed over more than 4,800 Lira sponsor money to Tulips fundraiser Sue Tilt.

Tony, a Cancer patient wanted to repay Tulips Help Those with Cancer Association, for the help he has received from the Charity.

Tony hands 4,807.50TL to SueHe was diagnosed in January 2012 with advanced prostate Cancer and in mid 2013 approached Tulips founder, Raziyie Kocaismail, for advice.

‘The advice and help that Tulips have given me has been amazing. From giving advice regarding appointments to the practicalities of going to Lefkosa to collect my drugs for me. It has made coping with my illness so much easier. This is the least I could do for them.’

From Tulips: Our sincere thanks go to Tony, his helpers and to everyone who sponsored him and helped raise this unbelievable sum of money. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that Tony has problems with both walking and balance because of his cancer so, getting him airborne was an achievement in itself and we would like to thank Highline Tours (and the tourists up in the mountain at the time!) who helped Tony achieve his ambition in aid of Tulips.”

Well done indeed to Tony, a courageous thing to do to thank everyone who had helped him at his time of need and his contribution to help others with a similar plight.

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