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TRNC News Today 13th November 2013


President Derviş Eroğlu said that the Greek Cypriot side demanded a joint statement before starting the negotiations however refused the joint statement prepared by the UN and continued to put forth different proposals and raise difficulties.  

In a speech he gave at one of his receptions yesterday President Eroğlu recorded that he started his political life Dervis-Eroglu LHwith the 1st President Rauf Denktaş and as the result of their efforts and proposals they had a state today.

Indicating that in spite their state was not recognized by any other country except Turkey they still had a state Eroğlu said that their state had all factors that should be possessed by every state. Stressing that they reached to this stage under embargoes only with the support of Turkey Eroğlu indicated that one day the world would acknowledge that these embargoes were inhuman and would end such procedures.

Stating that still they could not meet at the negotiation table with the newly elected Greek Cypriot leader, President Eroğlu pointed out that Greek Cypriot side demanded a joint text before beginning the negotiations, refused the UN’s joint text and put obstacles in front of the negotiation process by submitting proposals continuously.

Adding that Greek Cypriot side’s not coming to the negotiation table may be a proof of their not being willing for a solution, the President said it was not possible to say that Greek Cypriot side had a solution will due to their refusal all of the UN’s agreement texts.

Moreover, President Eroğlu expressed his wish to complete the negotiations until April and go to a referendum.


Republican Turkish Party United Forces (CTP/BG) and the Greek Democratic Party (DISI) met yesterday at the DISI Headquarters at 10:30.

Party Leaders Özkan Yorgancıoğlu and Averof Neofitu made Özkan Yorgancıoğlupress statements after the meeting which lasted for one hour.

CTP Party Leader Ozkan Yorgancıoğlu expressed in his statement that they realized a fruitful and important meeting and added that they decided to improve the relations between the two peoples and to meet more frequently for establishing committees and work together.

Stressing that the Cyprus problem should be solved as soon as possible Yorgancıoğlu indicated that they wished to conclude and publish the joint statement very soon.

Pointing out that they believe that a solution should be established on single sovereignty, single international identity and single citizenship based on the political equality of the two peoples, Yorgancıoğlu added that Turkish and Greek Cypriots would have more advantages after a solution however continuation of the current situation would worsen the status of both peoples and would solidify the status quo.


Foreign Minister Özdil Nami is continuing his contact meetings with non governmental organizations. The Ozdil Nami 2second contact meeting was realized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday. Turk-Sen, Dev-Is, BES, Koop-Sen and Hur-Is representatives participated in yesterday’s meeting.

In his speech made at the beginning of the meeting, Foreign Minister Nami stated that during the contact meetings, they would exchange views with non-governmental organizations regarding the latest developments in the Cyprus problem.

Noticing that an agreement to be reached should be supported by our people, FM Nami expressed his belief that contact meetings would be fruitful and such kind of meetings would continue.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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