October 4, 2023

Richard Chamberlain – Exhibition


By Margaret Sheard

By popular demand, Linda Smith of the Round Tower has agreed to run the exhibition of photographs taken in Cyprus in 1954/55 by Richard Chamberlain forRichard with some of his photos a further 4 weeks from Saturday 9th November.

Following the previous exhibition at the Round Tower, I wrote an article about Richard and his photographs which were published in his book entitled “Cyprus Scenes and Way of Life in 1954” and show scenes of life in Cyprus all those years ago through the eye of his camera.

For those who did not manage to attend the previous ePictures at the exhibitionxhibition there is now another opportunity to visit the Round Tower and see these wonderful images captured by Richard when he served with the British Army in Cyprus with his twin brother in 1954/55.

My previous article was called “Richard Chamberlain – The Man Behind The Camera” and to read some background about Richard this can be viewed by clicking here. However, it is well worth visiting the exhibition to see the actual photographs which, considering the time when they were taken, is a treat not to be missed.

Richards picture 1

1 thought on “Richard Chamberlain – Extension of exhibition at The Round Tower

  1. I recently had a request from a lady who wanted to purchase Richard’s book, to which I replied and received this very nice reply from her:-
    Comment: f.a.o. margaret sheard
    Thank you for your reply re Richard chamberlain’s book, I actually live in Paphos but I am in UK at the minute. I contacted Richard directly and will be ordering the book from him in the next few days.
    I found the cyprusscene website very informative, not only for residents, but also for visitors alike. Thank you for your help
    Linda Hartley

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