December 6, 2022

Is Cyprus a stability hub?

By Chris Elliott

Head in the sand
Head in the sand

For a long time the Republic of Cyprus has been hard at work trying to persuade the world and its EU partners just how well organised it is and to attempt to make itself a central Mediterranean place of political importance.

The Cyprus Republic Defence Minister is now telling the world just how important Cyprus is and that it can be relied on to support not only in defence matters but also humanitarian needs of other countries and now sees itself as a Stability Hub. It is reported that the government’s aim is to transform Cyprus into a regional centre of stability and peace, a role that is being confirmed after the crisis in Syria,

Stability Hub. now this seems to be a strange title to assume when the island has been divided for the past 50 years following the division.  The Cypriot authorities seemed to have been doing all they could not to come to an agreement with their Turkish Cypriot brothers in the north of the island. So much so that after finding many reasons for not resuming the peace talks, they are now wanting to set preconditions before a meeting date is agreed. Is this a sign of the will for stability?

Now who is kidding who? If our readers can see the logic of claimed stability, then do please make your voice heard.

Do read this article from the Famagusta Gazette that tells all about the importance of the Cyprus achievement as a Stability Hub on the link below:

Defence Minister: Cyprus` role as stability hub confirmed.

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4 thoughts on “Cyprus role as stability hub confirmed

  1. Surely the article relating to the South Cyprus minister states that it is ‘the aim’ for South Cyprus to be the ‘stability hub’ for the region. I would ask what this term can actually mean in real terms? Particularly just as Chris states ‘ how can the South claim such an accolade when Cyprus itself is in such a state of imbalance and has been for 50 years. The whole idea is a total non sequiter…

  2. ‘Cyprus to be the ‘stability hub’ for the region’, What a joke, with so many fingers in this pie, there’s no hope for this till 1. GC’s become more accepting and share all the benefits, that Cyprus can provide, with TC’s 2. Turkey, Greece AND England get out.

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