December 6, 2022

Cyprus – The Truth And Nothing

But The Truth

John Aziz Kent’s comments

By John Aziz Kent

Ref : North Cyprus – John Aziz Kent – For Johnny The Turk, The Difficult Task Starts Click here to view.

Thank you Chris for the work and knowledge you gathered to write this article.  Most people of Cyprus on both sides, Greeks and Turks, did not know of the difficulties of those days, to get a job or have any business. If you are a Turk you could only work as a labourer in the fields or on the buildings but not own an Hotel or even John Aziz Kent smlbe a waiter, but maybe a dish-washer or a commi waiter.

When I said to Mr Denktaş, and asked for his advice, that I wanted to build an Hotel in Kyrenia he said to me “are you mad or too spoilt from being successful in your restaurants in London?, in Cyprus tourism is only for the Greeks and for some foreign investors with a 49% share but it is not permitted for the Turks.”  That was in 1969 – to which I said only TOURISM will bring all the people together and have peace and also help the Turkish community to mix with the Tourists.

Then I started having my plan for building the first ever Hotel built by a Turk in Cyprus my aim was to help the Turkish people get into TOURISM and also help bring the people together, Greeks and Turks, for peace and equality.   So my dear Chris you have done a wonderful job by bringing it to the World’s attention for the benefit of peace and understanding of everybody in CYPRUS.   It might even help the present on-going talks for a solution of the political problem.

As for me, I will continue telling what I know about Cyprus but it will be, “THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH“.

With all my love to everybody JOHN AZIZ KENT

Editors reply:

Thank you John for your message of support and appreciation, it is greatly valued.

Do please keep talking about the TRUTH of the sad Cyprus days so the new youth in both North and South Cyprus, learn of what has been held back from them.

Perhaps then we may see the future generations realising the wasted opportunities of the past 50 plus years and finally wanting to live and work in peace and harmony together even if they live in separate Republics.

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