December 2, 2022

A Meaningful Event by Flying Angels and

American College against Breast Cancer

GAU Flying Angels and American College students have organized events in line with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Corporate organization held by GAU Flying Angels and American College students under thFlying Angels and American Collegee Charity Association for Cancer Patients held an event with pink balloons for awareness of breast cancer. GAU students have played a significant role in building awareness of breast cancer by delivering messages on slogans and posters.

GAU Flying Angels Co-ordinator – Günay Beyzade, has emphasized that communal awareness of cancer is a must and brought attention to early diagnosis. Beyzade also stated that the Flying Angels is indeed a responsible organisation to deliver the message of awareness to the community.

Exemplary Act by the American College Students

GAU American College students held an awareness Collection for cancer patientsevent for breast cancer at their school yard with pink balloons and this was followed by an informative class session by their teachers. Students then collected donations for the cancer patients to set an exemplary action.

The American College stated that early diagnosis is a must especially for diseases like cancer thus children must be acknowledged in this respect.  The awareness built at early ages will contribute significantly for the awareness of the community as children are very sensitive on these issues.


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