September 27, 2022

TFR Annual General Meeting 2013 –

A Unique and Special TRNC Association

By Ralph Kratzer, Video by Chris Elliott

Last week we reported about the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR). To remember the post – click here.

TFR NewThe association, which currently has 180 members from 17 different countries of origin, has made ​​it its goal to integrate foreigners, living in North Cyprus, into a community and offer them help if needed.

In an interview for BRT2 Television beginning of the year, (click here to view) Heinz Nauroth, the chairman of the TFR, had a very nice explanation for the reason why the association exists.

He said in a figurative sense: “In their home countries people have their families, their relatives, school friends, work colleagues, mates at the sports club or whatever as their social and cultural background. When these people, for whatever reason, decide to come to North Cyprus and stay here, either temporarily or permanently, they are faced with a foreign country, a foreign language and culture. Our society tries to give them a new social and cultural background abroad and help for individual problems as well.“

Chris Elliott, member of the TFR and founder of the website, made a nice little video about the AGM of the association on 5th October, which you can view below and I think you will agree it shows how we are achieving our mission statement for the benefit of our members and hopefully many others as well!

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