December 10, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC

Trip to Trabzon and Georgia

By Margaret Sheard

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC arranged a trip to the Black Sea Coast, to Trabzon and this also included a day in Georgia. We booked to go on this trip some time ago and at last the date we were to depart was upon us and 13 of the members met at Ercan Airport to start our long awaited holiday.

At this point, we would like to thank Willy Lindh, the Vice Chairman of TFR, and his wife Lena, who made the arrangements for the holiday which was so well organised all the way through and they were constantly in touch with people to ensure that there were no problems, and indeed there were none, even the return trip from Georgia which proved to be later than expected was organised with the At Ercan Airporthotel meal being cancelled and a restaurant contacted for us to have an evening meal during the return journey. Our tour guide, Sercan, and Willy were always one step ahead and made sure everything went like clockwork.

So, there we were at Ercan Airport on Monday 23rd September, all eager to start on our journey. Our group at this point comprised of English, German and Swedish members and we were to later be joined in Trabzon by some friends of members from Italy.

As there was so much on our itinerary for the 6 days we were to spend in Turkey and Georgia I decided to keep a diary giving a day by day account of all that we experienced on this brilliant trip.

I am in the process of sorting out the many Boarding our flightphotographs taken and going through my notes and will be publishing Day 1 soon, followed by an account of the many sightseeing tours we experienced during our stay.

While this was a holiday, we did spend some time each day, early morning and late evening, trying to keep up to date with and we were able to publish a limited amount of our contributors’ articles while we were there.

During the 12 months plus that cyprusscene has been operating we have seen a dramatic increase in the worldwide readership and felt that it is important to have continuity of material to keep the interest of our many readers. Our readers are responding to different styles of writing and the more writers we have the more interest our site is creating as well as a following. If there is anyone in North Cyprus who feel they can make a contribution of articles perhaps you would like to make contact so that we can discuss what you may have to offer.

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