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TRNC News Today 20th September



President Eroğlu said that the Varosha issue can only be taken up under the territory title at the last stage as long as the negotiations continue constructively.

Dervis eroglu
Dervis Eroğlu

Responding to questions at his reception, President Eroğlu recorded that he expects the Greek Cypriot side to bring their Varosha proposal to the meeting which will be held with the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in New York, but added that the Turkish Cypriot side’s attitude regarding Varosha is obvious.

Stating that Varosha is an issue of territory which is one of the negotiation titles, Eroğlu said: “We do not have a policy to discuss separately”

Hoping that the negotiations continue constructively and the territory issue is taken up at the last stage, Eroğlu stated that Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis could bring the Varosha issue to the agenda to make people forget the economic problems in the South Cyprus.

Evaluating whether Varosha is a foundation property, Eroğlu stated that although foundation properties cannot be transferred, the titles of properties belonging to Abdullah Paşa Foundation, Lala Mustafa Paşa Foundation and Bilal Aga Foundation in the British Colonial period had been transferred to the Greek Cypriots.

Stressing that foundation property cannot be transferred, but if it is mandatory to transfer, the mentioned foundation property can only be changed with a property at equivalent value, Eroğlu said: “Unfortunately in the British Colonial period the governor had given instructions as he liked and transferred the titles to the Greek Cypriots. Therefore we have promoted Evkaf Administration to take part in the Immovable Property Commission.


.Stanislav Osadchy

President Dervis Eroğlu received Russian Ambassador to Cyprus, Stanislav Osadchiy.

Osadchiy and the accompanying delegation, who were welcomed by the Presidential Under-Secretary Hasan Gungor, met with President Dervis Eroğlu and his delegation.


President Eroğlu has said that the negotiations have to be launched as soon as possible with an intention of solution, but if we cannot reach an agreement, this should be showed to the whole world.

President Eroğllu attended the reception organized by the Turkish Peace Forces Veterans Association at a Military Premise in Ortakőy, on the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of Turkey’s Founding Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s entitlement of ‘Gazi’ by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Expressing that the Peace Operation which had been realized in Cyprus, has  resulted with a State, Eroğlu stressed that the TRNC is standing strongly with the support of Turkey which is the creation of Ataturk.

Cyprus Will They
Cyprus Will They

Regarding the solution of the Cyprus issue, Eroğllu stated that neither the Turkish Cypriot people nor Turkey have patience to wait any longer and continued: “It is high time to sit at the negotiation table to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Eroğllu also stated that it is inevitable to carry the relations with Turkey to the best points.

Recording that the Turkish Cypriot side is still in search of an agreement, Eroglu said: “It is time for a solution, but if we cannot reach an agreement in due time, the world has to accept that an agreement has not been reached so far, as the Greek Cypriots do not have a will for a solution”.

Explaining that there may be a possibility of not being able to launch the negotiations which are expected to start in October due to the attitude of the Greek Cypriots, Eroğllu noted that the Greek Cypriot side is in an endeavour of playing for time.

Recording that the Turkish Cypriot side would like to negotiate and reach a solution about the Cyprus problem, Eroğllu said: “Let’s sit, negotiate and reach a solution. We should try to reach an agreement, but if we cannot, we should let the world know about it.

Stating that the Greek Cypriot side puts forward a proposal regarding Varosha as she desires to set up a partnership on the basis of the present Republic of Cyprus, Eroğllu said that they are making excuses by rejecting mediation and time limit.

Indicating that the Greek Cypriot side’s calling the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) as an ‘occupant’ does not annoy the Turkish Cypriots, because TAF is on the island with an international right to sustain peace, Eroğllu recorded that if the Peace Operation had not been carried out, there would not have been any veterans or chance to talk in such atmosphere.


TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman, Levent Gumrukcu stated: “It is not possible for any plane to fly directly to South Cyprus. The direct flight is not allowed by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation”.No flights over Cyprus

Gumrukcu expressed they were informed that a plane which belongs to a private Greek airline carrying the Trabzonspor squad was going to fly to Larnaca via Rhodes.

Stating that the given permission from Turkey is valid for Trabzon-Rhodes flight, Gumrukcu continued as: “There is no change regarding our official rules. We give permission to a plane flying to Rhodes, but for any reason the plane flies to Larnaca rather than landing in Rhodes, does this create a new case? No. As of today this does not create any new case regarding the relations between Turkey and the Greek Cypriot side or in other areas including aviation.

Gumrukcu added it is known that the incident was caused by the pilot.

Touching upon also the Cyprus issue, Gumrukcu reminded that the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus, Alexander Downer, held contacts both in Cyprus and Turkey the previous day and said: “Turkey wants this 50th year old problem to be solved urgently”.

Indicating that the negotiations should be launched as soon as possible and  a solution reached, Gumrukcu said the necessary parameters are certain, and the only absence is a political will.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. Dear Mr Chris Elliott

    But the same should apply to Ercan Airport from all over the World as to Larnaca and both COMMUNITIES can benefit from all Airports serving Cyprus as only a week before the Trabzon/Rhodes CYPRUS flights, I had a meeting with Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and I proposed to him the principal of EasyJet Airline specialising in SHUTTLE air flights. Maybe he could start A SHUTTLE SERVICE from Istanbul to Larnaca to begin with and later to ERCAN Airport as well, thus he will be forcing the solution of Cyprus and bringing both Communities together faster than he has been doing by rewarding GREEK AND TURKISH people to form joint partnerships especially in Tourism.

    So far only the Greek gentleman, from the Greek side, that has tried to bring the two sides together is Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, despite so many attempts having been made by the Turkish side. The time is now for everyone to encourage a fair solution instead of saying NO NO NO all the time and blaming everyone else. Instead of looking to ourselves for solutions like Sir STELIOS IS DOING. If the Trabzon/ Rhodes Cyprus flight took place, why not have permanent SHUTTLE Flights for everybody.


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