October 3, 2022

Cyprus – Threats are not far away

By Chris Elliott

Recently we saw much activity with internet news reports of RAF and Turkish jets flying missions over Cyprus to investigate reports of unknown air activity and at any time now we can expect to learn what the UN inspectors discovered of chemical warfare being used in Syria in the past weeks.

Once the results are made public we can then expect renewed political actiScud missilevity to resolve the Syrian dispute and the threats of military intervention still remain but, if this starts, are there any risks for Cyprus?

Interestingly a Daily Express article on the internet talks of MoD sources confirming that three chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) specialists have been sent to Britain’s Akrotiri military base in Cyprus “as a precaution” to warn commanders of “gas drift” from any chemical attack delivered by a Syrian Scud missile.

It was also reported that sources revealed the RAF Regiment has been given £10million to “plan and prepare” British troops to cope with chemical warfare, just three years after the joint NCB ­regiment was axed as part of the Defence Review.

To read more of this interesting and thought-provoking article in the Daily Mail, do please follow the link below.

BATTLE READY: Chemical war experts head for Cyprus over gas fears | World | News | Daily Express.

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