December 6, 2022

Devon performs

Mr Rodeo Returns to Al Shaheen

By Margaret Sheard

Devon (aka Mr Rodeo) made a return visit to North Cyprus to visit his friends, Steve and Denise, and to take the opportunity of entertaining at various venues Devonwith his great style of country music. Devon has built up a big fan club here and more and more venues are asking him to entertain their customers.

The first of Devon’s gigs was at Al Shaheen in Karakum where there was a full house to welcome him back to North Cyprus. Imtiaz and his staff were well and truly rushed off their feet that night serving food and drinks and making sure the customers were all happy.

Although we had booked another venue to see Devon for a family birthday celebration, we decided to also book the first event at Al Shaheen as we had visitors on holiday and thought it would be a nice treat for them and they really did enjoy the performance which they said was not something they would normally do in the UK, and how nice it P1030964was to be able to sit outside to eat and to be entertained as well.

We had a lovely meal as usual while Devon started his repertoire of country music and some of the old favourites which are always popular for dancing or just listening to. In his usual way Devon is an expert at audience participation and he had soon selected a few of the customers to pounce on every now and again which was very entertaining for everyone, especially the lady who was constantly texting on her mobile phone with the glow from the phone giving a ghostly white face in the shadows.

We were pleased to see our friends Steve and Denise Bisson (Phoenix Line Dancers) there with some of their line dancing friends so we were treated to some line dancing as well.

I had optedUntitled to take some photographs that evening but unfortunately had not checked my camera and after 3 photographs, the battery was flat, oh dear I will never be a professional but luckily one of our party, Sam, who is very keen on photography and snaps away at everything, stepped in and took a lot of photos, so thank you Sam for your contribution to my article.

Devon performed non-stop and was very well received by the audience who called for an encore at the end of the night and would have been pleased to see him go on for a lot longer but as Devon puts so much energy into his performance I am sure he is pretty “all tuckered out” by the end of P1030973the evening, as he had only arrived late the day before.

No doubt Devon is going to take some time off and he did say he would be sunbathing on the beach and maybe skinny dipping whilst he is here. During the few weeks Devon is in North Cyprus he will be jetting off to Holland to do 2 special performances and then returning here to continue with his entertaining and holiday.

So well done Devon, another brilliant evening’s entertainment.



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