November 26, 2022


GAU has significantly contributed to the island’s promotion through hosting the broadcast crew of one of the most popular youth contests of Kazakhstan the “IQ Action” in the TRNCContest.

The “IQ Action” contest is a platform where the university students can utilize their knowledge and logics while undertaking competition. The authorities also emphasised that this was the first in the TRNC and the contest was held outdoors, embracing nature, rather than competing indoors thus the TRNC was an excellent choice. The authorities have declared their appreciation to GAU for the warm hospitality, also stating that GAU students are indeed very lucky to be part of such a great university.

During the 5 days of filming throughout the contest, winnersas well as reflecting the historical and natural beauty of the TRNC, the island has been promoted to many Russian speaking countries. The contestants and the production crew were amazed with the historical and natural beauty which they witnessed during the period of filming and also they also especially loved the sea and the sand.

GAU Won the Fight in “IQ Action ”Primeness”

GAU students who competed in many categories with full potential reached success and ranked first. The Contest final was held in the GAU Social Facilities and Tourism-Hotel Management Application Centre at Camelot Beach Club. The contest finished following the taking of a souvenir photograph.

Group photo

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