December 2, 2022

Le Chateau, Lapta – News Update

By Chris Elliott

41 A garden delight has been created
A garden delight has been created

From time to time I have visited Chateau Lambousa for various reasons and each time I have seen more changes around Chateau Lambousa or Le Chateau as it is referred to by Girne American University.

Since I was last there a fenced garden has been created with rock and wooden planters with many plants and shrubs that will have time to establish themselves and by next spring will look very luxurious. In the area of the main car park more rock planters have been built and have been set out with many plants, cacti and shrubs and again in a few months will be a delight to behold.

Working on the roof of Chateau Lambousa
Working on the roof of Chateau Lambousa

The work on Le Chateau itself continues with the roof having been stripped off and new boards, membrane and battens being laid and the roof tiles having been re-laid and the building is once again water tight and beginning to look very impressive with nearby trees having been pruned which creates a clearer view of this fascinating building.

Within the building, the hotel suites have had the old style ceramics and tiling removed from the bathrooms and on completion of plumbing works and new tiling, new baths and toilets will be fitted.

All rooms and interior areas will of course undergo a major facelift with redecorating and whilst many traditional features will be retained, design work is in hand for new furniture to be supplied in a few months time and the reception area will have a major refurbishment with a new entrance feature plus a very luxurious interior with many features recalling the grandeur, which was once the kingdom of King Praxander and the ancient city of Lambousa.

Outside the gardens and public areas will see major upgrading works which will include the famous coffee area that is much loved by past market visitors who just wanted to sit under the shade of the trees and talk with their friends. This area will continue to be a much sought after feature and place of pleasure for the new visitors and guests who will come to Le Chateau.

This past week has seen major activity with earthmoving equipment arriving and digging starting on the huge swimming pool which with its island and other features and special lighting, will grace this wonderful building, which was Chateau Lambousa.

Digging the swimming pool  starts
Digging the swimming pool starts

Nearby in the area of the 34 holiday bungalows which many market visitors may not have been aware of, major works are taking place with the bungalows having their roofs refurbished and external rendering replaced where necessary and preparations being made for external decoration.

The area of the bungalows had many fine trees and shrubs that have grown impressively over the years  but have now undergone a major pruning and by the spring will have settled down and will once again recover and display their beauty in this delightful garden village.

Inside the bungalows many distinctive features have been retained and after upgrading work and redecoration, they will await refurnishing in the next few months.

This is an incredible project that visitors to the Saturday Lambousa Market will behold but will not realise the scope of the refurbishment and upgrading that is taking place or the impressive planning and project management by Girne American University that is needed to transform a past gem of Lapta into a bright new jewel which should, because of its heritage and history, become the centrepiece of  the 2014 Tourism showcase for the world to see and visit.

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4 thoughts on “Le Chateau, Lapta – News Update

  1. My first stay at Chateau Lambousa was about 25 years ago, in its ‘glory days’. It always lacked a decent swimming pool but otherwise, the whole concept, by John Aziz Kent, was amazing. The suites and guest rooms were extremely spacious and the reception area and public rooms befitted the remarkable building. I have stayed again since then and have been saddened to see its steady decline. The Saturday market in the courtyard is popular with many but to those who knew that area when the hotel was thriving, it is a sad sight. Reading the progress report and seeing the photographs is very uplifting; it is looking already as if the Chateau is on course for a complete recovery and with the new swimming pool, may even be better than before. I hope that John Aziz agrees for, without his enthusiasm and energy, there would be no Chateau.


      1. Dear Ray Meredith

        Thank you for remembering the good days of Chateau Lambousa which made me think
        I was the king that built it, nevertheless it is going to be restored with a new big swimming pool
        directed from Mr Serhat Akpınar the Chancellor of Girne American University who has very good vision and he is the new king of Chateau Lambousa. We will visit this beautiful place and its lovely gardens, the best in the Island. I hope to see you soon and have a drink there in its lovely surroundings


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