November 26, 2022

Rest in Peace – Kathy Nye

By Margaret Sheard

We have received sad news from Carole King and Sue Tilt of Tulips about Kathy Nye, aged 82 years, who passed away on Monday 26th August after losing her battle with cancer. Kathy is survived by her daughter Georgina who lives in the UK.

The funeral is to be held on Tuesday 3rd September at 11am in the small cemetery below Karaman.

Kathy came to North Cyprus in 1988 with her husband GordTulips logo englishon to have a full and happy life in their chosen country. She was very appreciative of the support received from Tulips in the latter days of her illness and will be sadly missed by her regular companions who equally valued the support of both Dr. Tűrk and Tulips.

Tulips would like to thank all of the nursing team, whose duties went far beyond nursing care and they would also like to say how grateful they are to receive medical equipment from Kathy that will be used to help other cancer patients.

We would like to thank Carole and Sue for sharing this very sad news with us and for their continuous support of cancer sufferers in North Cyprus through Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) and our condolences go to the remaining family of Kathy.

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