October 2, 2022

TRNC News Today 29th August 2013


The TRNC President, Dervis Eroğlu, has said that several issues have been discussed in the negotiations for years. Therefore an agreement can be reached if there is intention at the negotiation table to reach a settlement.

President Dervis Eroğlu received the Mujahid Commanders Society yesterday. The Mujahid Commanders Society was accompanied by the Authorities of Magusa Turkish Resistance Organization (TMT) Society and YoungCyprus Will They Mujahid Society.

During his reception, President Eroğlu stated that it was agreed at the dinner organized by the UN on 30th  May to launch the negotiations in October and added: “What is important is whether the Greek Cypriot side will come to the negotiation table with an intention to reach a settlement or not”.

Expressing that he believed some issues must be kept as a secret between the sides, President Eroğlu said that the South side has a tradition to leak information to the press so he wished that his letter will be replied to positively.

Adding that a give-and-take process should start once the negotiations launch, Eroğlu recorded that  it  is not possible to continue 45 year long negotiations for another 45 years  and the South, EU and UN must also be aware of this fact.


The Republican Turkish Party United Forces (CTP-BG) and the Democrat Party National Forces (DP-UG) formed the coalition government.  After the long party assembly meetings of both parties on  Wednesday evening, 28th August, they confirmed the coalition protocol and formed the new government. The leaders of both parties will meet today 29th August and will agree on the names that will be in the Cabinet.

The Prime Ministry, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Finance, Food, Agricultural and Energy, Labour and Social Security and Health are on the CTP-BG’s side, whereas the Vice Prime Ministry, Tourism and Economy and the Ministries Public Works and Communications, National Education, Youth and Sports, and Natural and Environment Resources are on the DP-UG’s side.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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