December 5, 2022

The Little Society of Kyrenia

John Graham
John Graham

The Little Society of Kyrenia was founded by John Graham, a British  based retired businessman, who spends much of his time in Northern Cyprus.  Two years ago John sold his business in the U.K. and was determined to use some of the money to give something back to society.

He established a registered charity in the U.K.  (Registration Number 1141376) known as The Little Society, which supports underprivileged children in the York area.

Mary Watson
Mary Watson

Based on this success, he set up The Little Society Of Kyrenia which has donated money to a number of projects on the island, focusing on those which will benefit the health, welfare and education of children and young people.  As Chairman of the organisation, and assisted by Mary Watson as Vice Chairman, LSOK aims to support charities and organisations which find it difficult to attract funding from other sources. The Society encourages the organisations who receive donations to take some responsibility for their own fundraising so that they can thrive in the longer term.

It is not just about money.  John and Mary are conscious that children in Northern Cyprus tend not to see beyond their current circumstances and LSOK hopes to be able to broaden their horizons by raising their expectations on what they are able to achieve – whether in terms of education, sport or other achievements.

Over the past two years organisations which have been helped by LSOK include Special Needs Schools, Sidestreets Lefkoşa, Çatalköy School, Soyer Sports Club, and Yeni Erenköy School.

LSOK  also made a special donation of  300TL recently to a fantastic fund raising event organised by Steve Sydenham which was to pay the cost of repatriation of Yen Dinh Thi from North Cyprus back to her husband and 6 year old son in Vietnam.

If you would like further information on The Little Society of Kyrenia please contact:

Mary Watson on 0533 8655837

Email :

John Graham on 0533 8406233


Mary lives in North Cyprus  and deals with most LSOK enquiries and John is a frequent visitor but lives in the U.K. so he is not always available to meet people.

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