December 6, 2022

Repeat of Cancer Research Foundations

(KAV) Morning Coffee Event

We are delighted to have receuived and be able to share the following information. 

By Rezan Fahrioglu

 The Cancer Research Foundation (KAV) has rolled up its sleeves once more in order to repeat the TRNC’s biggest Morning Coffee event on Saturday September 7th 2013.

Under KAV’s slogan of ‘let’s have the first coffee of the season together, and be one Cup of Coffeeheart in the fight against cancer the second Morning Coffee is to be held on Saturday the 7th September 2013.

The Foundation is calling for people to host Morning Coffees in their own homes for their friends and to ask them for donations, which will be collected in specially prepared, recycled donation jars.

It has been announced that these donations will be used to carry out detailed water and soil analyses in areas where there are the highest instances of cancer.  KAV representatives have made the following call to the public ‘An unhealthy environment is a problem for us all, by taking part in this activity we can play our part in the fight for a healthy future for ourselves and our children. Let’s come together and start a new page in the fight against cancer’

With the Morning Coffees which are planned for the first Saturday of each season, KAV aims to spread information about the fight against cancer and start awareness about recycling.

KAV is therefore inviting people in all areas of the TRNC to host Morning Coffees in their own homes. Anyone interested in hosting an event can get more information by calling 05338634929  or by e-mail on

KAV 2nd Coffee Morning


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