December 6, 2022

TRNC Cancer Sufferers – New Service From Tulips

By Chris Elliott

Cyprus has one of the highest rates of cancer in the world and therefore an increasing number of people are seeking help and support.

Here in North Cyprus, a number of charities have been supporting this need and “Help Those With Cancer Association – Tulips” which was founded in 1993 has been at the Tulips logo englishforefront in providing help by funding the 28 bed Oncology Unit in Lefkosa, paying the salaries of 11 Staff and 1 Oncologist from Turkey to attend a weekly clinic.

They have also set up and run a Hospice for in-patient treatment care for terminally ill cancer patients and those needing respite care.

A Children’s Care Home was also opened to help with schooling and provide educational and sporting activities during the children’s treatment.

All of this help and support is provided and is funded by public donations from both the local and expatriate communities. Tulips also provide financial help, wherever possible, with treatment, drugs, aftercare and equipment to cancer sufferers.

Jane Matter, Raziye Kocaismail and Pam Kennedy
Jane Matter, Raziye Kocaismail and Pam Kennedy

With the increasing number of cancer sufferers seeking support from Tulips so has the number from the expatriate community being diagnosed  and seeking help from Tulips. The differences in languages can pose problems and anybody being diagnosed, needs to receive guidance and support in their own language and Raziye Kocaismail, the President of Tulips has appointed 2 Volunteer Cancer Support Workers to make the initial contact call on people in the English speaking community.

The 2 Cancer support workers are Jane Matter and Pam Kennedy, they have both had working experience with Cancer patients in the UK and have the necessary skills to bring to these roles. They both have dedicated Tulips telephone numbers and dedicated email addresses and will report patients needs directly to Raziye Kocaismail who will oversee the whole procedure for dealing with the expatriate patients which will ensure confidence in the expatriate community for anyone requiring help in times of great stress.

Tulips Cancer Support Workers

Jane Matter – 0542 882 6063 West Girne Area

Pam Kennedy – 0542 883 9100 East & Central Girne area

Email (both share)

Tulips Fund Raising

Fundraising is so important if Tulips are to be able to continue giving support and services to cancer sufferers and Carole King and Sue Tilt continue their great work in fundraising and are now joined by a Volunteer Co-ordinator,  Ann Cox,  who will be the contact for anyone wishing to help Tulips on stalls, at events, giving out information etc.

Tulips are also looking for people who can donate their time for free to help cancer patients to arrange payment of bills, shopping, transport to appointments, accompanying cancer patients to appointments, sitting with housebound patients etc.

Contacts details are as follows:

Golden Hearts - Carole and Sue.
Golden Hearts – Carole and Sue.

Fund raising and receipt of donations

Carole King 0533 873 1693

Sue Tilt – 0548 870 2281

Shared email :

  Volunteer Co-ordinator

Ann Cox

Email :

For general information do please visit the Tulips website click here or their Facebook page Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association.

Sue Tilt, Jane Matter, Raziye Kocaismail, Pam Kennedy and Carole King

Sue, Jane, Raziye, Pam and Carole

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