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TRNC News Today – 26th July 2013


President Derviş Eroğlu has said that Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiadis made difficulties for the solution with his manners that made the National Council take binding decisions.

Dervis Eroglu
President Dervis Eroglu

President Derviş Eroğlu, returned to the island Thursday morning 25th July after completing his meetings with the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle in Brussels.

Having held a press conference at the airport, Eroğlu said that during the meetings issues like Varosha, Green Line Regulation, removing Turkish street names in South Cyprus and  the negotiation process have been discussed.

Eroğlu stated that he told about his views regarding the negotiation process and things which happened after Anastasiadis’s appointment as the Greek Cypriot leader.

Eroğlu said he told about Anastasiadis’s mistakes in partnership protocol during the negotiation process and added:  ‘Protocol has been also submitted to the National Council which turned the loyalty to protocol into the loyalty to the National Council.’

Eroğlu has said, the National Council was only a counselling body during Greek Cypriot Leader Christofyas’s period however with this new protocol, Anastasiadis gave the right to the National Council to take binding decisions. Eroğlu mentioned it as: ‘Anastasiadis has burdened himself with his own hands.’

Eroğlu indicated that remarks during the negotiations will be evaluated firstly by the party leaders and then by the National Council before adopting the final decision and this will make it more difficult to reach a possible solution.


Jose Manuel Barroso
Jose Manuel Barroso

Indicating that the negotiations will be carried out in October and both sides will be aiming at a resolution, Eroğlu said during the meeting he explained that the Turkish Cypriots showed their will with their actions but the Greek Cypriots still need to be warned. He also stated that during the meeting with Barroso and Füle, the Varosha issue was discussed and Füle remarked that they have no connection with the news published by the Greek Cypriot Press about the Greek side’s contact with Turkey regarding Varosha through the mediation of Füle and they were not in favour of being a mail carrier. Eroğlu said that he also supported Füle by saying Turkish Cypriots also are against such attitudes.

Eroğlu has reported that he forwarded the complaints about the Greek Cypriots’ prevention of commerce vehicles and amendments made without the permission of Turkish Cypriots.

Expressing that it was a wrong decision to change the Turkish street names in South Cyprus and that discouraged the people’s aim for a solution, Eroğlu added : ‘During a period in which two , Turkish and Greek speaking communities are in search for a solution, this decision showed the difference of their views about us.

Eroğlu has said that he requested more attentive steps regarding the 30 Million Euros financial aid package per year whose progress is getting slower due to the tender system and its consequences with the delays on payment of the contractors and difficulties in making use of the money during the time passed.


Stefan Fule
Stefan Fule

Stating that several issues came to the agenda during the meeting, Barroso and Fule were warm and mentioned their opinions and thoughts, Eroğlu said that he is pleased with the negotiations and many opinions were common.

Also touching upon embargo and isolation issues and stating that he did not receive any message regarding lifting of the embargoes, Eroğlu continued : “They have understood clearly that we are right, this situation has affected our economy and our freedom of travel has been limited. They approached positively to our desire that some steps will be taken in the following days regarding these issues.


It was reported that Near East University (NEU) Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Nutrition and Dietetic lecturer Dr. Serdar Susever has been appointed as ‘Cryptococcus Working Group Genotyping of Cryptococcus Neoformans and Cryptococcus Gattii, Representative of Cyprus’ at the International Society Near East Universityfor Human and Animal Mycology, ISHAM.

According to the statement made by the NEU Press and Public Relations Office, Dr. Serdar Susever has been elected to ‘represent Cyprus island-wide’ in the project named ‘Cryptococcus Gattii environmental survey network: European and Mediterranean area’ which will be organized jointly by the scientists from Holland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Israel, Croatia, Greece, Albania, USA, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

Evaluating the representation of the TRNC and NEU as an ‘important step’, Dr. Susever stated that this is also a source of pride for himself.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office



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