October 4, 2023

Is the Cyprus Question the Answer

Daily we read opinions in the newspapers or the internet of what we should do to solve the Cyprus problem and I made the following comment in an article that was published on the online Cyprus Mail and you can read this comment below.

The problem of Cyprus can be solved by accepting the truth of the begining and this far, and explaining it to the young people of today, but it has John Aziz Kent smlto be told by genuine good honest people who have lived with the problems through the years and not by the Church or Politicians. Perhaps by outsiders who know the Cyprus history even as far back as the Ottomans and 1571.

We cannot judge the problem from 1974 or 1955, the EOKA, the Church or Denktaş and Makarios. We have a solution if we don’t think of religion or history first and then the equality of both people, Greeks are more equal than Turks and vice versa. We are all equals as we are in the UK, Greeks and Turks live together, marry each other, do business partnerships under fair and just rules.  Here to have all these rights, it can only be achieved as a divided island, living side by side together but can never be administered equally or fairly as a single State.

The solution is in the history and truth of Cyprus.

To read this Cyprus Mail article please follow the link below.


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