February 4, 2023

Rest in Peace Bengu

By Margaret Sheard

I received a very sad message today from Berke Ertopaloğlu, which said: I don’t know what to say – you were so brave, strong, a fighter, so kind, I’m lost for words, I will never forget you, sleep well SIS, AllBengu 1ahin o kadar sevgili kulusun ki, seni yanina su mubarek Ramazan ayinda aldi. Mekanin cennet olsun, SENI HIC BIR ZAMAN UNUTMAYACAM, huzurlu uyu, RIP SIS BENGU”

Many people will be saddened by the news that Bengu Shail lost her battle with cancer even following her bone marrow transplant in March this year. I wrote an article on the website which included a transcript of a letter written by Bengu about her forthcoming bone marrow transplant, she was so excited about it and that a donor had been found. To see this article click here

Here in North Cyprus, Berke did so much to encourage people to see if they might be a match for Bengu and he was rewarded with many people coming forward to try and help.

Berke is devastated by the news and has composed the following poem for Bengu


Constantly thinking,

never to be the same,Bengu 2

the tears fall quickly

just hearing your name.

Silence is golden

yet not anymore

silence brings thoughts

I just can’t ignore.

I wish I could hug you

and just see your face,

but if only you could have stayed…… RIP SIS BENGU XXX

Bengu 3There will be a lot of people in North Cyprus who will feel very sad at the news. Berke’s campaign to try and do something to help brought Bengu’s story here, she was indeed a fighter and even at a time during remission her aim was to help others. I did not know her but have read about her and can only join with others and say Rest in Peace Bengu.

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