July 3, 2022

A speedy Cyprus solution is our only economic hope

 By John Aziz Kent

Reading the various news and opinions as to what course to take to resolve the Cyprus issue, I made the following comment on a Cyprus Mail article, as below..

“Since the two leaders seem to want the solution of the long ongoing political problem, nearly 60 years now.John Aziz Kent sml

Turkey, US, UK, UN, Greece, they all say speed up the solution, then what is stopping the two leaders, is it power, is it greed? Are they not the friends of the Cypriot people, are they aware that with things happening in this region, it could next come to little Cyprus and become like Egypt or Syria.

Please gentlemen, hurry up before it is too late. After all we are all Cypriots, we can share everything pro rata equally.

In the years to come maybe our children will be marrying, then all of the wealth will be enjoyed by all. Stop playing big politics and see the truth of both sides. Agree the best you can and the rest will come via the world community.

If we here in Cyprus are united, we will be the richest island in the whole world and our economy will be the envy of everybody. Together we can either make it or, if we carry on like this, we can destroy it.”

There may be conflicting points of view about the points made in the Cyprus Mail article but it does make thought provoking suggestions. To read more follow the link below.

Our View: A speedy Cyprus solution is our only economic hope | Cyprus Mail

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