July 2, 2022

TRNC News Today 8th July 2013


Stating that the Greek Cypriots play with time for the solution of the Cyprus problem, President Dervis Eroğlu said ‘They keep us sitting at the negotiation table and play with time’.

Stressing that there is a State in the North of the island as it is in the South; Eroğlu said ‘We as the Turkish Cypriot side expressed our thoughts many times at the negotiation table and we know what we want. This is very important.’

Stating  that the aim is to reach a permanent and viable solution in the island, Eroğlu said ‘We have not reached a solution in Cyprus due Dervis erogluto the  intransigent attitude of the Greek Cypriot side. The Turkish Cypriot side approved all of the UN agreement texts and proved being willing for a solution in the island. It is the Greek Cypriot side that did not accept the UN’s agreement texts’.

Speaking during a ceremony organized by the Association of Martyrs Families and War Veterans, Eroğlu underlined that they have to continue to make co-operation with Turkey.

Moreover, mentioning the Varosha Issue, Eroğlu said ‘Varosha is part of a comprehensive solution. It is not meaningful to discuss that issue at the moment. Turkey’s view is same as the Turkish Cypriot side’.

Stressing that the aim is to make a permanent and viable agreement President Eroğlu asked: “Is this possible?” and continued  “We could not make this possible due to the intransigence of the Greek Cypriots. The Turkish Cypriots have done their duty. We have already put forward our agreement intention by accepting the text of agreements which were set forth by Secretary Generals and showed this to the world. The Greek Cypriots are the ones who do not have an agreement intention and reject the text of agreements”.

Emphasizing that it is necessary to protect the TRNC, President Eroğlu added: “We should continue our co-operation with Turkey. While we are co-operating with Turkey, we should know that the Turkish Cypriots do not intend to be the unjust side while they are right at the table. Those who continue these negotiations do not intend to leave the Turkish Cypriots’ rights on the negotiation table. They described me as ‘intransigent’. This is not important, but what is important is the result. Whether there will be an agreement or not, we have our own State. The important thing is  to reflect these realities on the negotiation table and reach an agreement. If we cannot reach an agreement, we are under the protection of Turkey. This State is very important in terms of showing that efforts of struggle and martyrs have not gone down the drain. We give thanks to those who spent effort and shed blood in this struggle.


Stating that they know the history of the Turkish Cypriots, and from where they came, Eroğlu said: “We are protecting the State by taking lessons from the past. We are in search of an agreement which does not make us experience the hard times we had in the past. Eroğlu repeated that the Turkish Cypriot people are defending a case and this case has resulted with a State. Eroğlu ended his statement – “The case has not finished yet, the negotiations are continuing. The persons who will protect the State during these negotiations should be supported. What is important is, not to allow the Greek Cypriots to run out the clock and finish the negotiations with an agreement. If an agreement is not possible, we shall decide what to do together. We all have the national responsibility of the case on our shoulders. This is a good responsibility. We shall continue our case with a sense of responsibility. We believe that tomorrow will be better than today”.


TRNC President’s Special Representative and Presidential Spokesperson, Osman Ertuğ, stated that Varosha is part of a comprehensive solution and that is a reality accepted also by international environments and Osman Ertugadded that it is futility to try to make the EU involved in the Cyprus negotiations.

Ertuğ emphasized that the right place for a serious proposal is the negotiation table and the right address is the Turkish Cypriot side.

Ertuğ made a written statement concerning Varosha which is recently on the agenda of public opinion and said:

“According to the news published in South Cyprus, Greek Cypriot authorities added a new effort in creating an artificial agenda. In this context, the statement of General Director of Greek Cypriot Foreign Affairs Ministry, Andreas Mavroyannis, concerning a ‘package of proposals’ including Varosha made during a meeting in ‘Immigrants Committee’ of Greek Cypriot Assembly was published in the Greek Cypriot press. ‘The so-called proposal is in front of leader of the Greek Cypriot administration, Anastasiades, and it will be forwarded to Ankara through the EU.”

Ertuğ underlined that since there are efforts to re-start the Cyprus Talks, Greek Cypriots must stop changing the agenda and delaying the negotiations.


Osman Ertuğ pointed out that the attitude of the Greek Cypriot Administration to mislead  public opinion by using their press is shading the expectations to start the Cyprus Talks in September or October.

Stating that the Greek Cypriot Administration did not appoint a Special Representative yet he said  ‘by using archaic methods they are creating suspicion about their intention for starting the negotiations in the Autumn. We do not have the intention to negotiate through the press. If they have a word to say they must sit at the negotiation table.’

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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