February 4, 2023


The year 12 students of the American College have graduated with a magnificent graduation ceremony.Year 12 Students

American College 2012-2013 academic years’ international year 12 students have graduated with an amazing ceremony after the hard High School life. Aysu Balkanlar, who is the principal of American College, remarked that most of the students have been within the American College since their childhood and students added a lot to their school lives with the American College and she also stated that these experiences will leave a positive impression in their future lives. At the end of her speech Balkanlar congratulated the students who graduated from high school and she also added that the students have shown success in many fields and they will continue to succeed.

After the speech the students and guests were entertained at the ceremony with a slideshow of American College year 12 students which visuAnother awardalized the 12 year period during their school lives, the dance performances of GAU Dance Academy and dance groups of Stage School students and finally the music concert. After the demonstrations the high honour students made speeches and they mentioned that the American College had given a lot to them during the 12 years and they also spoke about the strong connections between them and their friends, they also mentioned that they are proud to be at the American College.

At the graduation ceremony the students were given their diplomas and the students who ranked were presented with awards by the Founding Rector of GAU and Chancellor of Board of Administrators Serhat Akpınar, District Governor of Girne Gürkan Kara, GAU Chairman of Board of Trustee Memduh Erdal, GAU Vice Chancellor of Board of Administrators Cemile Esenyel, Rector of GAU Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Öner and GAU Head of Health, Culture and Sports Türkay Akpınar, Principal of American College Aysu Balkanlar, Vice Principal Koray Emirhoca and the classroom teachers.

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