January 30, 2023

German Finance Minister says “Turkey is not part of Europe”

By John Aziz Kent

Reading the Cyprus Mail I came across an article which tells of the German Finance Minister, Mr Wolfgang Schaeuble’s remark that “Turkey is not part of Europe” and I wrote the following comment in reply.

 “The German Finance Minister, Mr Wolfgang Schaeuble has not got enough time to look around Germany that is becoming populated John Aziz Kent smlwith German /Turkish children and they seem to be very European right there in Germany and the same thing is happening all over Anatalya, the southern coast of Turkey German people are buying properties and settling in Turkey as well. Wake Up

In reality Sir, think for all of the world and every religion for peace and love to all religions and colours. Mr Minister this is your duty, otherwise step out of politics and come and live in Cyprus so you can see for yourself how Troika managed to put people under economic disaster just because they belong to the EU zone.

The Cypriot people were doing well until they joined the EU.

See the truth Mr Minister.”

To read more of the German Finance Minister’s views as reported in Cyprus Mail, do follow the link below.

German finance minister says Turkey is not part of Europe | Cyprus Mail


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