January 27, 2023

KADS Variety Performance

By Margaret Sheard

Friday 28th June saw the first of two performances by the Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society (KADS) of their variety show “Absolute The theatre beginning to fill upKads and Bounders” which was held at the lovely little theatre in the Kyrenia Municipality Cultural Centre. Not being a lover of some of the old British farce-type shows I was a little apprehensive as to whether I would enjoy the performance, but what a treat was in store for me and the rest of the audience. I can only say it was one of the best performed and funniest shows I have seen in a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed it as did the rest of the audience judging by the laughter and applause that all of the sketches and musical sequences received.

This was the first time that the KADS John Melville - The compere for the eveningChorus had joined the KADS players and the result was a very impressive and enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

The evening started with a very professional compere, John Melville, who kept the audience entertained between each act with some rather ‘blue’ jokes and really funny patter as well as appearing in some of the sketches himself.

The first half of the evening comprised of songs from the Chorus, sketches and monologues which were performed by some of the The Chorusfamiliar faces we all see out and about in the community i.e. Maggie White, Diana Peek, Phil Lucock and others. At the end of the first half, the Chorus sang “The Streets of London” and we noticed a rather smart backdrop. During the interval we got talking to a couple, Brian and Angela Flanigan, and learned that the backdrop had been painted by Brian and he had also made some of the stage props as well. Brian had been a sign-writer during his working life and it is so nice to see that Brian and Angela Flaniganthe ex-patriots can lend their experience and expertise to helping with events such as this. I asked Brian how long it had taken to produce the banner and he said 3-4 hours but it turned out to be quite a difficult task with non-rigid material but he got there in the end and the result was a very impressive backdrop.

The second half of the performance started and we were treated to more songs by the Chorus, some sketches and monologues which Don and Caroline Attwoodincluded Don & Caroline Attwood giving us their version of the song “Sisters” and a very funny sketch featuring Phil Lucock as Darth Vader called Death Star Canteen. The finale included all of the cast and Chorus singing “Look on the Bright Side of Life” which included some audience participation as well.

I can’t believe how quickly the two halves of the performance went, which is usually what happens when you are really enjoying something. I cannot praise KADS highly enough for their brilliant performance, all of the artists were excellent and they gave us a really good evening’s entertainment.

Not forgetting the production team who workDarth Vader sketch behind the scenes to make sure everything goes ‘alright on the night’, the scene shifters who flitted on and off the stage moving props and thanks also to Serdar Tuksal and his team at the Kűltűr Merkezi for their help and the use of their beautiful theatre.

The performance was to be repeated on Saturday 29th June, so I am sure that audience would have enjoyed the show as much as we The Finaledid. Well done KADS, you have once again given the public a taste of theatre and given an excellent performance.

As well as a brilliant evening’s entertainment all profits from the performance are being donated to the SOS Children’s Villages and Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) so a big thank you to all of the performers and the audience in helping these charities.

SOS Childrens Villages 2

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If anyone is interested in joining KADS, either backstage or onstage, please contact Lawrie Oxley on 0533 848 9839, or email lawrieoxley@hotmail.com or contact Beverley Westbrook on 0533 832 8121: they will be pleased to hear from you.

To see more look at the slideshow and video below.   The video, prepared by Chris Elliott, gives highlights from the show and a full version video has been donated to KADS to use as they choose.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5 thoughts on “Kyrenia Amateur Dramatic Society – Absolute Kads and Bounders

  1. Well done to all ,just sorry to have missed it. The reviews are super & may I say ending the show with “The streets of London” Brilliant. My wifes favourite well done Phil.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It was a brilliant show you would have really enjoyed it.

      1. I will be moving to Cyprus shortly, and will make sure that I don’t miss your next production.
        Phil & June Lucock are very good friends of mine and I know that they are both very committed to the theatre group and will always give 100% .The thing that inspires me is that all the profit goes to various charities. All involved in the group should be very proud of themselves. 3 cheers to all.

      2. Hos geldiniz. You will be able to attend all of the KADS productions in future as well as many other events here. There is a lot going on most of the time.

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