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TRNC News Today 4th June 2013


President Dervis Eroğlu said that the TRNC people were giving him the support he needed at the negotiating table and the Turkish side is trying to reach a just solution which will make the Turkish Cypriot people live in safety and peace.

Receiving the newly elected board of directors of the Black Sea Culture Society yesterday, Dervis erogluPresident Derviş Eroğlu said that the TRNC people were giving him the support he needed at the negotiating table.

Stating that the Turkish Cypriot peoples’ determination strengthened his hand at the negotiating table, President Derviş Eroğlu expressed the view that the new process will be a ‘last chance’ and that the delay in the re-launch of the talks were causing people to lose hope towards a settlement.

“If we use this opportunity well, the settlement to be reached could be lasting. We need a strong settlement, one that will safeguard Turkey’s interests if this is to happen” he added.
For his part, the President of the Black sea Culture Society, Turan Büyükyılmaz, extended his organization’s full support to President Derviş Eroğlu.


United States of America support a just solution to the John KoenigCyprus problem, said the new US Ambassador to Cyprus, John Koenig.

In his statement to ‘The Cyprus Daily’, Koenig said that the energy issues offer  great prospects for the economy in Cyprus, and the developments regarding natural resources should not prevent the solution efforts in Cyprus.

Moreover, adding that the US is aware of the economic problems of South Cyprus, Koenig underlined that South Cyprus’ economic problems should not be an obstacle for the solution of the Cyprus problem and both sides should be ready to make big efforts towards a solution when the negotiations restart.


TRNC Prime Minister, İrsen Küçük expressed that the Cyprus Turkish side has not received a positive response to the goodwill it has been showing for the solution of the decades-long Cyprus Problem.

Prime Minister said “The Turkish Cypriots’ expectation is for the negotiations to start at once so that North Cyprus can join the international community.”

According to the information obtained from the TRNC Prime Ministry Press and Public İrsen Küçük Prime Minister smlRelations Department, speaking to Al Jazeera TV, the Prime Minister stated that “the ‘Republic of Cyprus’, which was co-founded by Turkish and Greek Cypriots with 1960 agreements, was maintained barely till 1963. the Greek Cypriot community, the partner of ‘Republic of Cyprus’, forced Turkish Cypriots for the change of 13th Article of the 1960 Constitution. When the Greek Cypriot community rejected the amendments on the Constitution in 1963, it attacked against the Turkish Cypriot community and 1963 events erupted in the Island.

He said that the Greek Cypriot side occupied the Republic unilaterally by massacring. Prime Minister Küçük pointed out that the attitude of Turkish Cypriots and Turkey on the Cyprus issue sides for the restarting of negotiations at once.

Küçük said “the UN is continuing its efforts on the Cyprus problem with the same methods. We are waiting for the  Greek Cypriot new leader Anastasiadis to decide and to start the negotiations. The Turkish Cypriots’ expectation is for the negotiations to start at once so that North Cyprus can join the international community.”

Stating that the attitude of the European Union should be drawn attention to in the Cyprus issue, Küçük said “European Union awarded the Greek Cypriot side who voted ‘no’ to the Annan Plan and accepted them into the EU. However the Turkish Cypriot side who voted ‘yes’ is excluded from the EU”.

Responding to the question regarding the Cyprus Turkish side’s expectations for international recognition and relations with the Arab world, Prime Minister Küçük stated that the priority of the Turkish Cypriot side is to reunify the island under a comprehensive settlement but that if all efforts fail, the TRNC will seek the support of Arab countries for recognition.


The Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture attended the Anatolian Festival (Festival D’Anatolie) which was held between 31 May-2 June in the capital of France, Paris.

It was reported that the Head of the Tourism Promotion and Marketing Department of the Ministry of Tourism Environment and Culture, Mr. Dervis Gezer, participated in the festival and realized contacts to promote the TRNC tourism.


Leader of Greek Cypriot administration Nikos Anastasiadis gets ready to withdraw the proposals put forth on the negotiation table by Greek CyNikos Anastasiadispriot side during 2008-2012 negotiations for a solution to Cyprus problem.

Greek Cypriot Justice and Public Order Minister, Yonas Nikolau, stated that Anastasiadis gets ready to withdraw the proposals and added that he stated that these acts will go parallel with the preparations of the Greek Cypriot side for restarting of the negotiations.

Stating that this is an action which will lead the negotiations with the UN to a new ground and will be a reference point in internal front, the newspaper added that AKEL still warns about the dangers in case of withdrawal of the proposals.


Greek National Guard’s retired commander, Andreas Avgusti put forth his opinion that “there is not a viable and workable solution and will never be implemented.  Solution is liberation and the date for a solution is in 2015” in his open letter for Greek Cypriot former Minister Nikos Rolandis he criticized for his attitude and statements.

Greek Cypriot National GuardAvgusti stated that London has submitted 9 plans for the solution of the Cyprus problem up to  today, all of these envisage partition of Cyprus, and the sole plan submitted by USA is the Acheson Plan which seeks to unify Cyprus with Greece. He underlined the following opinions:

“Mr. Rolandis, who will put out the plans of America? Please be realistic…the Acheson Plan has not been cancelled up to today, and no new plan is replaced, and it will not be changed. This means it still exists. Mr. Rolandis, there is not a viable and workable solution. For this reason it will never be implemented. Solution is liberation and if you wonder its time, it will be probably be in 2015. Turkey, as a controlled and directed country, does not intend to create an international problem. I think what is needed is realism.”

Source TRNC Public Information Office


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