January 27, 2023

Esentepe Fun Run Presentation to Tulips

By Chris Elliott

Monday the 20th May was the day when so much hard work and generosity by so many people came together with the presentation of a donation to Help Those With Cancer Association – Tulips.

It all started with the planning of the 3rd Esentepe Fun Run when a group of friends came together with the desire to make this event the best ever. The motivation for this was their Lesley Roper and Alex Kennedy with Raziye Kocaismaildesire to dedicate this event to George Roper one of the founders of the Fun Run who sadly died of cancer.

So it was after all of the hard work and planning and with sponsorship from individuals and companies that the event was held and the Organisers led by Alex Kennedy, the other Fun Run Founder, were delighted with the outcome. So it was that Alex together with Lesley Roper the wife of the late George Roper came to Lefkosa to see Raziye Kocaismail the President of Help Those With Cancer Association – Tulips and were delighted to make a donation of 43,048 TL.

We read a lot of donations being made to charities and we should keep in mind the realities of why donations are needed.. In the case of Tulips the following facts were published in February 2013.

1/. How much money per month is required to keep the Association going?

126,000TL per month

2/. How many nurses at the Oncology unit does the association pay for?

All the nurses plus the Oncologist every Friday

3/. How many NEW cancer patients come through the doors each week?

Between 10 and 13 per week! Mondays are the worst day for the association as many people once diagnosed seem to sit at home thinking about their options and what is available to them. They then visit the Association after the weekend. Raziye regularly sees 6 or 7 new cases on Monday alone………

4/. How many of those are foreign patients?

Approximately one per week comes through the door of the Association. This includes UK expats, Russians, Germans, and Dutch.

Tulips also have five teams providing various support services to cancer suffers and they are also very active with educational activities to try to help people understand there are precautions that can be taken including adopting a more healthy lifestyle.

Raziye Kocaismail is delighted at the ongoing fund raising activities from the expatriate community and would like to remind people thatWinner of 2km - Caleb Romans with Raziye Kocaismail, President of Help Those With Cancer (Tulips) - Copy there is a scheme whereby people can make a small monthly donation through their bank account and this scheme has proved to very popular with the Turkish Cypriots who contribute a very large proportion of the monthly donations made which enable the association to continue its work in helping all cancer suffers.

There follows a video that was created from photographs and also video footage with a mainly Turish soundtrack so we hope the blending of recorded English soundtrack segments does not spoil your enjoiment of this very happy occasion.

For those that would like to see more of the Esentepe Fun Run, please click here and read a “cyprusscene” article by Graham Brown and you can also see the great video made by Graham for his web site, “Esentepe Community“.

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