October 3, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC – TFR

“30 minutes with the Secretary”

Allmuth Deschner

by Ralph Kratzer

P1000534A few days ago I had the pleasure to conduct another interview with a member of the TFR. Therefore I was a guest in the house of Allmuth Deschner in Lapta.

First of all Allmuth expressed how glad she was to have received such a kindly welcome to the TFR Club.

This is what she told me about her life:

Allmuth was a post-war child – born in 1946 in Eichwalde near Berlin – she spent her childhood and school time in Oldenburg and Braunschweig in Northern Germany. After school she had an apprenticeship as a druggist in Bremen.

Storck, her maiden name which she still is proud of, was changed by a brief marriage in her younger days into the name Deschner ….

In 1969 – in her own words – she as the child of a purely Prussian family relocated to Munich, the Bavarian capital in the beautiful south of Germany. There her only son Alexander was born.

She continued working as a single mother in her original profession, until she finally moved to the well-known “Lake Starnberg” south of Munich in 1979, which remained up until now – besides her numerous stays in Northern Cyprus – her centre of life.

After a period of self-employment as an owner of a coffeehouse, Allmuth spent 11 years in the field of outpatient nursing and care for the elderly for a charitable organization in Starnberg. She took over all organizational and office work, even the official phone of the association was at her home ….

The CEO of the organization, and thus Allmuth´s boss, was Countess Almeida, a well-known society lady from a noble family, which is related in direct line with the Bavarian Royal House.

The connection with the Countess was a over 34 year period – until the lady´s death – and went far beyond the merely professional co-operation.  Allmuth was a close confidante, friend and right hand of the noble lady.

After leaving the social services Allmuth worked for 20 years for the German Post (Mail) and is now retired.

She fell in love with Northern Cyprus in the year 1996. On the occasion of her 50th Birthday Allmuth allowed herself a holiday on our beautiful island and came to Karmi. Only one year later, she called a small shell in Lapta her own and decided to build her house in the style of “One Thousand and One Nights”, which she finally implemented over the years with the greatest joy and passion. Today she is proud of her work and happy in her new home.

Allmuth has been attracted to art since her childhood. She inherited the talent as several of her ancestors had already been artists.

Starting with ornate handicrafts and modern oil paintings she came onto the subject of restoration and artistic transformation of old furniture through the expansion and renovation of her house in Lapta. Either being given to her as a present or bought at flea markets, furniture of different periods and styles have become an harmonious complete work of art by Allmuth´s hands which  visitors find amazing.

I believe there is not a single piece of furniture in the “Deschner House”, which was not lovingly renovated or remodelled by Allmuth.

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